Fix Shockware Flash Keeps Crashing Chrome

Shockwave Flash Player Keeps Crashing Chrome, How to Fix?

April 20, 2016 10:00 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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When you are using Windows PC, it’s inevitably that something bad happens, like lost Windows login password, or run into shockwave flash crashes in Chrome that many Chrome users have recently reported. It is weird that the shockwave flash crashes again and again for no reason. Actually, Google Chrome has been one of the most popular browsers these days because of its low foot-print and good performance. If you unfortunately encounter the problem that flash crashes Google Chrome in Windows 10/8/7, this can be really annoying at times, especially when you are surfing, opening a tab, loading a page or downloading, No worry. Keep on reading to learn about why it happens and how to fix shockwave flash crashes in crashes in Google Chrome.

shockwave flash breaks

Part 1: Why Shockwave Flash Crashes in Chrome?
Part 2: Steps to Fix Google Chrome’s Shockware Crashes

Why Shockwave Flash Crashes in Chrome?

Different ways that Chrome handles with Flash contents is the reason why Shockwave flash causes crashes. Once other browsers call upon the Flash installation of the host system, Chrome still includes an internal Flash installation. If everything goes smoothly, Chrome will run well and the internal Flash installation will be updated with every release.

However, if Chrome gets confused and tries to utilize both the OS installation of Flash and the internal Chrome installation of Flash, serious browser lag, temporary lockup and browser-wide crash of all active Flash will definitely happen. Then a warning appears – “The Following plug-in has crashed: Shackwave Flash.”

Steps to Fix Google Chrome’s Shockware Crashes:

  • Step1. Run Google Chrome and type plugins in the address bar of the browser and hit enter. Then a list of complete plugins installed will be displayed.

    shockware crashes in chrome
  • Step2. Check the list for the flash entry. If there are 2 files, possibly, the plugin is getting crashed due to the conflict between 2 flash installations. To fix this, click on [+] toggle option, adjacent to Details link in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window. The entries for plugin will be expanded.

    fix shockware crashes
  • Step3. Disable Chromes’s internal Flash installation which is located in Chromes AppData Folder. Once it is finished, close your browser and restart it again. Now your Chrome can be run normally.

    fix shockware crashes successfully

Hope you have learnt how to fix Google chrome’s shockware crashes in the right way though this tutorial. If you have any problem, please feel free to leave it in the comment section.

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