How to Manage Folders and Files in Libraries in Windows 7 and 8

How to Manage Folders and Files in Libraries in Windows 7 and 8

Feb. 11, 2015 11:12 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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In last chapter, we have introduced how to use Libraries in Windows 7 and 8, including how to access, add, and remove a Library. This time, we’ll focus on how to manage folders and files in Libraries in Windows 7 and 8.

Follow the step-step instructions on how to add, sort, and remove folders and files in a Library on Windows computers.

How to Add Folders and Files to a Library in Windows 7 and 8

After you created a new Library in your Windows, you can add new files in the empty library.

  • 1. Open the empty Library. Click or tap Include a folder.

    how to create folders in library
  • 2. Now, browse all the files of your computer, select the folder you want to add into the Library and click or tap Include folder.
  • 3. After you select the folder, Windows Explore or File Explorer will scan the contents and include it in the library.

    You can also add folders to your library by selecting Properties in the target library. Then click Include a folder in Windows 7 or Add in Windows 8.

    how to add files in library windows 8

    Alternatively, you can directly go to the folder that you want to include in a library. Right click on it, select Include in library and then the library where you want it stored.

    how to create folders in library windows 7

How to Manage the Contents in a Library

As we mentioned before, Libraries include 3 types of files: Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos. You can sort them as their own set of personalized characteristics.

Documents - Displayed by the characteristics: name, date modified, type, size, date created, folder path, authors, categories, tags and title.

Pictures - Files displayed by the characteristics: name, date, tags, rating, type and others.

Music - Files described by characteristics like: name, album, artist, title, genre, bit rate, rating and others.

Video - Files described by characteristics like: Name, folder, year, type, length and others.

How to Remove Folders and Files from a Library in Windows 7 and Windows 8

To remove the folders or files from a library in Windows computer, just delete them in a normal way. But if you want to delete a folder from a library without removing it from your computer, follow the next steps.

  • 1. Open the library and go to the folder or file you want to remove from it.
  • 2. Right click it, in the contextual menu, select Remove location from library.

    how to remove folders in library

Alternatively, you can open the properties of the library, select the folder and then press Remove.

That’s it! After the two chapters of introducing Libraries in Windows 7 and 8, you must have a full understanding of them. Plus, you can click here to learn other introduction of Windows tips here.

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