Recover/Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password

Top 3 Ways to Recover/Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password

Dec. 16, 2014 09:23 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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"How to recover my Windows 10 administrator password? I just forgot the login password. Heeelp!"

Forgot Windows 10 administrator password, how to reset? Admit it. Most of you might not believe that you had forgotten your own Windows 10 login password, but it really happened. So what's going on? How to reset the lost Windows 10 administrator password? Luckily, you are here in a right place. Keep reading and you will be provided with top 3 ways to solve the password forgotten problem.

Top 1: Windows 10 Administrator Password Recovery

Why is Windows 10 administrator password recovery tool ranking top 1 among the solutions? It's known that Windows 10 has two kinds of administrator account: local account and Microsoft account. This powerful third party tool can help crack both of the forgotten administrator passwords. Without any skills or requirements, you can use this password cracker tool to recover Windows 10 administrator password in only a few clicks.

Walk through the following instructions:

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  • Step 1. Get Windows Password Recovery Ultimate free download.
  • Step 2. Install and run it on a workable PC based on Windows OS.
  • Step 3. Prepare a blank USB drive to burn ISO image of this tool. Click "Burn" to get started.
  • Step 4. Pull out the USB and insert it to your locked Windows 10. Make your Windows 10 OS restart.
  • Step 5. Choose the administrator account whose password you want to reset, click "Reset".

    recover windows 10 administrator password

Top 2: Use Another Admin Account

If you have another administrator account to log on to your Windows 10 computer, you can use this account to get access to the computer, and then change the forgotten Windows 10 administrator password in cmd.

Just walk through the following steps:

  • Step 1. Get access to the locked Windows 10 operating system with this admin account.
  • Step 2. Open cmd by pressing Windows + R combination. Then press Enter.
  • Step 3. Once Command screen opens, type in net user, username, new password, and then press Enter.

    recover windows 10 administrator password

Top 3: Use Picture or PIN Password

Apart from a text password, maybe you chose a picture or PIN password to protect your Windows 10 computer. Thus you can use this password to access Windows 10 PC. Then, change the text administrator password.

Follow the instructions:

Restart your locked Windows 10 PC and in Sign-in option, choose picture or PIN password to login. After you enter your PC, go to Control Panel and Users to change the sign-in options to login system with picture password or PIN. But if you can't recall the Windows 8.1 password, go back to check Windows Password Recovery.

Hope you can find the proper way to reset Windows 10 administrator password in this article. After cracking the password, try to take care of your new password.

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