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No 1 Wi-Fi password recovery software

Eric | Posted: 10-Jan-2014

"The reason why I call it No 1 Wi-Fi password recovery software is its advanced performance. After 4 minutes, the little weak link has been uncovered. And I changed my Wi-Fi password into 32 characters."

Worked Perfectly on My PC

Watson | Posted: 22-Dec-2013

"It's so amazing. Just worked perfectly as what is described. My Wi-Fi password gets back now."

Really pleased with my purchase

Alex | Posted: 17-Dec-2013

"It deserves every penny. I really got shocked by its high speed and performance. Really pleased with my purchase this time. Thax."

You have my gratitude

Emma | Posted: 28-Nov-2013

"Thank you for this software, saved me so much troubles and frustration. You have my gratitude."

Exactly what I needed

Julie | Posted: 07-Nov-2013

"This wireless network password recovery is exactly what I needed. It recovered my forgotten WiFi password in several minutes. What a fantastic thing!"

Actually this tool helps me a lot.

Howard | Posted: 15-Oct-2013

"Actually this tool helps me a lot. It secured my WiFi password is. Now I can change my WiFi password into a more secure one."

5 ratings

David | Posted: 10-Sep-2013

"I give it 5 ratings."

I love it

Justin | Posted: 24-Aug-2013

"I love it sooooo much! Cracked the WiFi password within 5 minutes and so easy!"

Wi-Fi Password Recovery rated 4.5 stars by CNET editors.

- Cnet

It's so easy to unlock encrypted Wi-Fi password. Thumbs up!

- PC World

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