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Top 5 Famous 3D PDF Converters in 2019

January 23, 2018 11:45 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Files & Database
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3D PDF files are usually opened on Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat) software on most of the computers all around the world. With a 3D PDF converter, you are able to get and watch your data in a result of three-dimensional visualization. Below are the top 5 best 3D PDF converters in 2018.


Top 1. Tetra4D 3D PDF Converter

Tetra4D 3D PDF Converter is a powerful, simple and collaboration tool for CAD, CAM and CAE users to convert any CAD file to a highly compressed 3D PDF file. It enables you to convert CAD data to 3D PDF easily and quickly and read it on all PDF reading tool.  It is Adobe recommended solution for 3D design and all your two-dimensional figures will be displayed in PDF documents solidly. With this software, your 3D CAD data will be visualized perfectly, which will make your daily design more professional and interesting.

 Tetra4D 3D PDF Converter

Watch this video demo on Tetra4D 3d PDF Converter to convert 3D PDF to step online:

Top 2. PDF3D

PDF3D is another 3D PDF conversion tool that allows designers to convert, edit, store and share your 3D data in PDF with just one button click. This incredibly straightforward program is an intelligent pattern to work with 3D images for professional working in engineering and manufacturing. It enables you to draw complex data automatically from your 2D and 3D files and let your PEF files become compressed, rich, intuitive and interactive 3D PDF documents.


Watch this video introduction of PDF3D:

Top 3. 3D-Analyze

3D-Analyze is an effective software solution that enables 3D game users to user old GPU in order to play latest games in the world. To be honest, it is appropriate for 3D PDF conversion, too. With the ample features of this application in hand, you are able to change the way your PDF documents are used and get rid of the limitations in plain PDF reading. For example, if you intend to run graph in PDF from 2D to 3D, just run this software and your GPU would be improved.


Watch this tutorial about 3D-Analyze:

Top 4. 3D PDF Converter

3D PDF Converter, a feature of 3D Analyzer created by CoreTechnologie company, is able to convert your CAD files to 3D PDF format and you are able to exchange it easily with your workmates, suppliers and customers. It is a perfect instrument to import CAD files like CATIA, NX, JT, STEP, Creo, Solidworks, etc. and then export them to 3D-PDF format, which is able to read by Adobe Reader. You could either convert 3D PDF to SolidWorks, Revit or much more design software.

3D PDF converter

Top 5. 3D PDF Converter Online

Datakit CAD Convertors to PDF 3D is an online page to convert all CAD formats to 2D and 3D formats including 3D PDF. Just visit its official website and choose the input and output 3D PDF format, wait for a moment to accomplish conversion.

 Datakit 3D PDF Converter

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As a matter of fact, with the rapid development of technology, there are more 3D PDF converters every year but the above-mentioned tools might be widely spread around us.  If you have caught sight of any better 3D PDF converter online or offline, free or paid, no hesitate to share with us.

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