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[Solved] How to Fix Spacing in Word

July 03, 2017 11:43 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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As you edit your Microsoft Word document, have you ever notice the spacing setting for text, line or paragraph? During your editing process, you may probably meet the trouble in getting rid of the extra space which appears in text, lines or paragraphs.

In fact, this problem always exists in Word 2007, thus we here take Word 2007 as example and the reason has been checked out – Microsoft has changed the default document, and there is more space between text, lines or paragraphs. In the following content, we will guide you to solve this matter and learn how to adjust spacing in Word.

PART 1: Change the Spaces Between Text
PART 2:Adjust the Spaces for Lines/Paragraphs

Part 1: Change the Spaces Between Text

When typing text in Word document, you may find there is a certain distance betweensingle characters. If you want to change spacing in word document, just following the steps:

  • Select the text which you want to change the space;
  • Find the menu bar on the top of Home tab, click the Font Dialog Box Launcher and choose the second option “Advanced”; (If you are using Word 2007, the tab is called Character Spacing then.)
  •  hometable font
  • In the Spacing option, there are three options for you “Normal”, “Expanded” and “Condensed”. After you select your option, you then can preview the result at the preview box.
  •  spacingoption

Now you can choose a suitable space for your text by reading the steps.

Part 2: Adjust the Spaces for Lines/Paragraphs

Do you know what the difference between line space and paragraph space is? See the example below:


① Refers to line spacing,
② Means spacing between paragraphs.

If want to change the space of these two kinds, you may do the following:

  • For users who would like to change the spacing between lines, you should first select the text in which you want to change the line spacing.
  • Then click Line Spacing, which is under Paragraphmenu. You are able to choose the line spacing parameter as you want.
  • paragraphlinespacing
  • If you want to adjust the spacing between paragraphs, you are also required to select the target paragraph for which you want to adjust the paragraph spacing.
  • Find Line Spacing as well, you can find it under Paragraph menu, and there is Line Spacing Options, click it.
  • Under Spacing, in the Before or After boxes, enter the paragraph spacing that you want.
  • spacingforparagraph

    That’s all about how to fix spacing issues in Word document. No matter you want to change the spacing in text, line or paragraph, you will sure find the solution.

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