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Raspberry Pi is available for the US Market

World's Cheapest Computer Finally is Available for the US Market

Apr. 15, 2013 4:15 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to News
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raspberry pi model A News from Raspberry Pi Foundation that the $25 Raspberry Pi Model A is now available for United States market; this can be good news for Raspberry Pi fans in United States. Since April 16th 2012, the first buyers had received their Raspberry Pi; over 20,000 units have been shipped as of 22 May 2012. On 16 July 2012 it was announced that 4000 units were being manufactured per day, allowing Raspberry Pis to be bought in bulk.

Inspired by its high sales and reputation, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that its $25 Model A computer for US market. The model A is a ten dollar price cheaper than Raspberry Pi's original Model B minicomputer and has enough processing power to run a home media center more than just a circuit board with a few basic hardware components attached.

Raspberry Pi Model A uses a third less power and could potentially be powered by solar by solar power or another renewable energy source. Compared to the Model B, the Model A has a 750 MHz processor, 256 megabytes of RAM, a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI port, an SD memory card and a 1/8 inch audio output. The computer also has an HD video camera connector designed for a Raspberry Pi-made camera, and the entire computer is designed to run the Linux operating system.

The Raspberry Pi founder said that he founded Raspberry Pi with the intent of providing a computer platform that enables kids to learn how to write computer code. The device's affordable price in combination with the interconnectedness of the Internet make the possibility of the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates could emerge from anywhere in the world, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Moreover, Raspberry Pi's computers have been embraced by DIY enthusiasts, for both recreational and entrepreneurial purposes. For example, David Akerman, a DIY enthusiast, attached a Raspberry Pi to a high altitude weather balloon in southern England. The device was able to send back pictures from almost 25 miles above the Earth.

The availability of Raspberry Pi in US will set the latest milestone in the democratization of micro processing power and is expected to be well received by tech geeks, DIY enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs. But, it still doesn't come close to rivaling Windows computer users. In addition, turn directly here to get more about Windows tips.

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