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Microsoft Event Reveals Windows 9's New Features

Microsoft Event Reveals Windows 9's New Features

Oct. 03, 2014 10:31 am / Posted by Michael Eric to News
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In recent days, Microsoft has sent out invitations for others to "hear about what's next for Windows and the Enterprise" on Sept.30 in San Francisco. The most eye-catching news may be about the next version of Windows OS – Windows 9 or "Threshold". We hope that we can get the Windows 9 beta now. But for the widespread release, we have to wait for next year. But we still have chance to look at Windows 9's release data and new features now.

Windows 9's Release Data

Actually, we expect Windows 9 to launch in PCs, laptops, tablets and phones that you can buy in April 2015 but Microsoft showed off a "Windows Technical Preview" and we expect that availability for the Windows 9 beta will be announced. Still, Windows 9 hasn't been mentioned by name for the event. That's to say, the next version of Windows doesn't have a name yet. We can guess, Microsoft hopes the new generation of Windows OS can improve sales to business more than ever.

Windows 9's New Features

First, the big news is that Windows 9's Start menu will get back on the left side of the desktop. It combines the old style Windows 7 style with Windows 8 Starts screen functionality. Not all, there are some other changes included in Windows 9. Let's see:

1. Start menu returns

Seeing from the Windows 9 leaked screenshots, start menu returns in Windows 9.

windows 9 release data

windows 9 new features

Look to the left side of the new Start menu in both Start menu shots and you can see a list of recently used apps and the option to select a list of 'All apps'. One interesting point to note is that 'All apps' appears to include both Desktop- and Metro apps. The key to Windows 9 is marrying up the two disparate elements of Windows 8 in a way that makes sense to consumers. This way Microsoft can satisfy both those users who miss the Start menu, and also make Metro apps more useful.

2. No Charms bar in Windows 9

It claims that Microsoft will do away with the Charms bar – that menu which pops in from the right with buttons like search, share, start and settings. However, it's still present on touch-based systems but can only be accessed with touch, not a mouse pointer.

windows 9 new features

3. Virtual desktops

It will undoubtedly get some sort of whiz-bang marketing name, because since Windows XP. But you had to install a third-party app to get them to work.

4. Cortana added

From the screenshots, Microsoft seems to indicate Cortana will be just another app. Let's look forward for next year's release.

About the price, it doesn't have an exact definition. But it won't cost too much. For fine details – including just about every detail of the user interface – we'll have to wait and see what Microsoft dreams up next. For more features and tips of Windows, click here to know more info about Windows tips.

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