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Forgot MySpace Password? How to Recover MySpace Password

Feb. 05, 2015 11:12 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Online Website Topics
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"I have no idea about how to login to my account since I forgot my MySpace password. I changed the login password last week and totally can't remember what it is at present. "

It is a pity to hear that someone forgot MySpace password carelessly. Sometimes we don't want to make that mistake but it really happens around us. So how can we deal with this situation? Just to leave it alone and prepare to register a new account? No, it isn't a good idea. Except to accept the fact, we have better look for the workable solution to help ourselves get out of the trouble. And here you will see the methods about it as below.

Part I: How to Reset MySpace Password When Using Email to Sign In

If you use your Email address to login MySpace and forgot the account password by accident, you are able to ask for help from MySpace Help Center as soon as possible. They will help by sending you a link to reset password.

  • Step 1: First of all, visit MySpace official page and find out the login interface. You need to click the "Forgot password" link under the login password textbox. Then the page will lead you to the "Forgot your password" page (

    sign in to MySpace
  • Step 2: At this time, there are two options and you can type either your Email address or username that you remember of the account. It is so convenient that once you forgot Email, you can type username as well. And don't forget to click the "Submit" button.

    forgot MySpace password
  • Step 3: After that operation, you must wait for a while. The MySpace Help Center will send you several instructions about how to reset MySpace password and a password reset link. You can just click the link to confirm it at your inbox or spam folder and type your new password finally.

    MySpace password request sent

Part II: How to Recover MySpace Password When Using Facebook or Twitter to Login

If you use Facebook or Twitter to login MySpace and forgot Facebook password or Twitter because of carelessness, then you also can't sign in to MySpace without knowing the association account. At this time, the priority is to recover Twitter password or Facebook in advance. Only to know the social network account can you sign in MySpace.

The first recovery method is similar with MySpace, which is to get support by receiving the password reset link. The second method is more workable, that is to make use of a professional product such as Password Recovery Bundle software to do recover account and password easily and quickly.

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