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iWork Password Recovery – How to Reset iWork Password on OS X

Aug. 13, 2015 03:51 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Files & Database
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How do I Reset My iWork Password?

"I am trying to log on to iWork but it keeps saying that my password is incorrect. I have already reset it and entered my new password and it still is not working. What should I do?"

Apple allows you to make use of password to protect their iWork document safe. But the problem is, you forgot iWork password sometimes. No worries, this past will discuss will you be able to crack Apple iWork password, any good iWork password recovery tool?

Any iWork Password Recovery Tools?

Honestly speaking, few people or company came out with a feasible password recovery solution for the iWork document format. This is mainly due to extremely slow recovery speed. This owes to Apple's implementation of encryption: the company used an industry-standard AES algorithm with strong, 128-bit keys. Brute-forcing a 128-bit number on today's hardware remains impossible. The original, plain-text password has to be recovered in order to decrypt protected iWork documents. However, recovering that plain-text password is also very slow. Apple used the PBKDF2 algorithm to derive an encryption key from plain-text passwords, with some 4000 iterations of a hash function (SHA1).
You may need: How to Password Protect Your iWork Documents.

How to Reset iWork Password with Apple ID on OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks etc.?

The above-mentioned explains the difficulty to encrypt iWork password. But does it mean impossible? Not at all. Some users shared on Apple forum that Apple ID can help reset iWork password. You know that Apple integrated iWork into Apple's iCloud service making it also available for cross-platforms. You can lock iWork document with password from iCloud. Thus with great possibility you can be able to break the password with Apple ID.

Any New Ways to Recover Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynotes) Password

"iWork will not accept my correct Apple ID login."

You may also come across this issue. When your Apple is not working to get login to iWork, you need to turn to other password recovery methods.

The good news is that a Russian forensics cryptology company ElcomSoft claims it has its Distributed Password Recovery tool so it can recover the password used for securing iWork documents.

Elcomsoft says that as Apple iWork is sold at consumer market price points it is less likely that the average user will have a security policy that enforces a long and complex password. As a result, this tool performs a massive distributed dictionary brute-force attack that is able to test a few hundred passwords per second for every CPU included in the attack (up to 64 CPUs and 32 GPUs per processing node, with linearly scaling performance increases up to 10,000 nodes).

You can try the method mentioned in the page if you lost iWork password on your Mac. For Microsoft Office users on Windows, thing can be pretty easy with Password Recovery Bundle to recover password for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and etc.

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