Change iTunes Store Password/Country/Email

How to Change iTunes Store Password/Country/Email

December 21, 2016 2:32 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to iTunes
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iTunes store is the one-stop media shop for iOS users to buy music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, download ringtones and more while on the go. Really convenient, isn't it. However, not all users are familiar with iTunes store. This article lists 3 questions that most users have on using iTunes store. Read on, please.

Q1: How to Change iTunes Store Password?

The Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services like the iTunes Store, App store,Apple Music, iCloud, and more. Thus, the iTunes store password is the same as your Apple ID password. So follow steps below to change your iTunes store (Apple ID) password.

  • Sign in to your Apple ID account page.

  • change itunes store password

  • In the Security section, click Change Password. Answer the security questions to verify your identify.

  • change itunes password

  • Enter your current password, then enter a new password and confirm the new password.

  • change app  store password

  • Click Change Password.
  • Now you can use the new Apple ID password to access iTunes store.

Q 2: How to Change iTunes Store Country and Region (without Credit Card)?

Your Apple ID is tagged to a country/region and the Apple ID is associated with the iTunes & App store, thus you can purchase or download an app available in that country/region. Sometimes you may want to change iTunes store country thus you can access content and apps that are country or region specific. In fact, you can easily change it on your iPhone.

Note: Since Apple doesn't allow users to changing app store country without entering credit card, if you still want to change iTunes store country without credit card, you create a New Apple ID and select the country that you want to change to when you setting the new Apple ID.
  • Open Settings app on your iPhone and tap in iTunes & App Store. Tap on your Apple ID and select View Apple ID.

  • change itunes store country

  • Press on your Home Button and you will get into the account information. Tap on Country/Region and then tap on Change Country or Region.

  • change itunes store region

  • Select the country that you want to change and agree the terms and conditions. On the next screen, you need to enter the billing information such as the payment method.

  • change itunes store country without credit card

Q3: How to Change iTunes Store Email (Apple ID)?

Since iTunes store is associated with your Apple ID, changing iTunes store email is the same as change the email address linked to your Apple ID. So follow steps below to change your iTunes store email address.

  • Sign in to your Apple ID account page and click on Edit under the Account section.

  • change itunes store email

  • Click on Change Email Address and enter your new email address. Enter a verification code if you are prompted. Finally, click Done to save your changes.

  • change apple id email

Now your iTunes store email has been changed to the new one. Remember not only your iTunes store email but also all Apple service associated with Apple ID has been changed to the new email.

That all for how to change iTunes store password, country and email. If you have any other questions about iTunes such as iTunes backup password recovery, please leave a message at the comment place.

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