iPhone Backup Encryption Password Unlocker on 2016

The Best iPhone Backup Encryption Password Unlocker on 2016

August 10, 2016 17:34 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to iTunes
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Apple iTunes allows users to encrypt their iPhone backups if they want to prevent the privacy for security purposes. Unfortunately, once day when you open your iTunes backup, you are disappointed and upset to find that the password you "remember" is not working any more. What to do if iPhone backup encrypted? How to unlock iPhone backup password and how can you identify the best iPhone backup password cracker?

Apple company may warn you that "There is no way to recover your information or turn off Encrypt Backup if you lose or forget the password", which make you irritable and desperate. Don't worry. Fortunately, here we have SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery - the Best iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup Encryption Password Recovery on 2016 for you.

How Does iTunes Backup Password Recovery Crack Password?

iTunes Backup Password Recovery can unlock/crack/hack the backup password easily with 3 powerful attack method and enables you to get access to password-protected backups for iOS devices including iPhone (X/8 Plus/8/7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/SE/5s/5c/5), iPad, and iPod. It runs on all iOS versions, such as iOS 11/10/9/8, etc.

  • Brute-force Attack: If you forgot the password completely, this type of attack will try all possible character combination randomly.
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack: You can use this attack if you still remember part of your password. Such as password length, character set, etc.
  • Dictionary Attack: This attack is intended to seek the possible password based on a dictionary. This dictionary can be the integrated one or the one you provide.

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Step-by-step Guides to Decrypt iTunes Backup Password with Best iPhone Backup Unlocker

Step 1: Download and install this iPhone backup password unlocker in your computer.

Step 2: Launch this program and click "Open" to locate the "Manifest.plist". files to recover password.

Note:The "Manifest.plist" files are stored in various location depending on the computer's operating system. Click here to learn how to find the target files.
locate files to recover password

Step 3: Select the password attack type depending on your requirement.

select the password attack way

Step 4: Click "Start" button to start the password recovery. Just a few minutes later, you will see your iTunes backup password shown.

unlock backup password successfully

After the four steps above are done, you will happily to dominate your iTunes backup data. Now get this best 2016 iPhone backup password unlocker to recover forgotten iPhone backup password instantly.


Before you try iPhone backup password extractor, you can also track all of possible passwords to recover iPhone backup free.

1. Try your iTunes Store password.

2. Try you Apple ID password.

3. Try your Windows login password.

4. Try your birthday number.

5. Try some possible passwords, like "2016", "1234", etc

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