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Top 3 Ways to Change Default Date Format in Excel

October 25, 2017 10:32 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Dates, Times, Numbers are the most frequently used date type with Excel, and they can be converted to each other, for example, when you type the date and times in a given cell, it may be displayed as a string of numbers. This is because Excel stores date values as sequential numbers by default unless you modified it. In this post, I will show you 3 easiest ways to quickly to change date format in Excel 2007/2010/2013.

Editor’s Note: This article will take date and times as an example. You won’t have any problems with other data format converting after learning how to change date format in Excel for existing data.

Way 1: Format A Chart Data Series In Excel

The most direct way to change date format in Excel chart is to find Number option on the Home tab, and click on the General to open dropdown menu, you will see the most common data formats listed. Choose one to quickly convert general text to date format for selected cells.

convert date in general format to date format

Way 2: Change Excel Date Format in Format Cells

The Format Cells feature allows converting between date formats in Excel quickly, where you can not only select the time type but also create a custom date and times format.

1.To begin with, select the range you want to alert date format and right click to choose Format Cells or press Control + 1 (not in Numpad) at the same time.


2.Choose Date under Number section and you can use either Type or Locale to change time format in Excel cells.

convert uk date to us date in excel

3.If the default date formats are not suitable for you, go to Custom below and you can set custom date formats for Excel as you want, like yyyy/m/d h:mm.

self define the date and times format

Way 3: Use Formula to Convert A Date Format in Excel

You can also convert date format in Excel formula, which is also convenient as you understand the abbreviation codes.

In a blank cell, input =text(target value, format text) and press Enter. You can apply the formula to a certain range by dragging down. Below are some examples:

change date formats with different formula

For better understanding, I have concluded the basic codes in the following tablet.

Code Output Format (Example: 2017/1/1 )
m 1
mm 01
mmm Jan
mmmm January
mmmmm J
d 1
dd 01
ddd Mon
dddd Monday
yy 17
yyyy 2017

The Bottom Line

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