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Handy Ways to Protect Your Document in Microsoft Word 2013

Mar. 04, 2014 12:28 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Most Office users may try their best to protect their files since they are so important and can't be editable by other malicious people. So this article describes the handiest ways for you to protect your Microsoft Word 2013 document. Choose the suitable one from the two types of protection:

Type 1: Protect Your Word 2013 Document by Restricting Edit

Securing document from being edited is sometimes very important which will prevent your document from external changing. Microsoft Word 2013 can let you use some options to secure your documents by making it read-only and using edit restriction options. Check the two options to protect document in MS Word 2013:

Option 1: Protect Your Word 2013 with Read-only

Actually, Microsoft Word 2013 allows users to make documents read-only so that other people are unable to edit the document. It's like the way to convert the document to PDF so that it becomes the final copy without editable content. Follow the steps on making your Word 2013 document read-only.

  • 1. Go to File -> Info.
  • 2. Click on the "Protect Document" drop down button.
  • 3. Select "Mark as Final".

    protect document in word 2013 document

  • 4. Your Word 2013 will ask for a confirmation stating that the document will be marked as final and then saved. You will have to press the OK button.
  • 5. You will get an information box stating the document has been marked as final and this is the final version of the document. Or you can edit the document again by clicking on the "Edit Anyway" button displayed with a yellow strip at the top.

    how to protect document in word 2013 document

Option 2: Secure Your Document in MS Word 2013 by Editing Restrictions

Microsoft Word 2013 also lets you secure your document from changing by using edit restriction option. This option will help to protect your document from unauthorized use. See the tutorial as below:

  • 1. Open your document which you want prevent from changing in Microsoft Word 2013.
  • 2. Go to Review tab and choose "Restrict Editing from Protect Editing Group".
  • 3. Different options will display. Click "Editing restrictions", you have to select "Filling in Forms" in Editing Restrictions.

    password protect word 2013

  • 4. Click on the "Yes, Start Enforcing Protection" button under "3. Start enforcement".
  • 5. Then you will be asked to encrypt this document.

Type 2: Password Protect Your Documents in Microsoft Word 2013

Besides protecting Word 2013 document from being changed with the two options above, you can also encrypt it with a password. Password protection has been around since Word 2007 (learn how to password protect Word 2007). Here you can encrypt Word 2013 document with the steps below:

  • 1. Go to File -> Info.
  • 2. Click on the "Protect Document" drop down button.
  • 3. Encrypt with Password.

    password protect word 2013

  • 4. A new dialog window will open asking to enter the encryption password. Enter the new password and press OK.
  • 5. You will need to re-enter the password and press OK button.

Thus, every time you want to open the document again, Word 2013 will ask for this created password. But note that if you forgot the password, Microsoft Word doesn't give any way to recover the password. Then you need Word Password Recovery to crack the forgotten password.

Tips: Click here to know the detailed steps on how to recover the forgotten Word 2013 password .

Sum up, choose from the 3 handy ways to encrypt your Microsoft Word 2013 documents as you want.

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