Forgot Word 2007 Open Password

What to do if You Forgot MS Word 2007 Open Password

Nov. 11, 2013 2:35 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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"Help! I forgot the open password for Microsoft Word 2007. I couldn't find a way out, please help!"

Microsoft Office Word document which is widely-spread used by Office employee, which helps us write anything such as working process and private journal. And you'd like to set up a password to keep prying eyes from your personal Word document. However, some unfortunate things always happen. Have you ever locked out by your MS Word 2007 document just because you forgot Word 2007 open password? Following will show you how to open a Word 2007 document when you forgot the password. Use Word Password Recovery to achieve it.

How to Open Word 2007 Document if Forgot Password with Word Password Recovery?

Forgot password to open Word 2007 document? No need to be afraid. Turn to Word Password Recovery to crack the forgotten password with only a few clicks. No more time or technical knowledge is needed.

Just go through the following steps to achieve opening your locked Word 2007 files if you forgot MS Word 2007 open password.

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Two recovery modes are provided for you to crack the lost Word 2007 password:

1. Recover Word 2007 File with Online Service

  • Step 1. Run Word Password Recovery and import locked Word 2007 document.

    forgot word 2007 open password

  • Step 2. Choose "100% instant document decryption" and click "Next". And then click "Decrypt document" in the next interface to start recovering password instantly.

    forgot ms word 2007 open password

  • Step 3. You have cracked the password successfully.

2. Recover Word 2007 File with 3 Types of Attack:

  • Step 1. Run the software and import the encrypted Word 2007 files.
  • Step 2. Select "Recover the password" and click "Next".

    forgot word 2007 open password

  • Step 3. Choose an Attack Type.

    forgot ms word 2007 open password

  • Step 4. Start to recover Word 2007 password.

    forgot word 2007 document open password

Next time, if you forgot Microsoft Word 2007 open file password, apply for Word Password Recovery to recover lost Word 2007 password.

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