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Top 4 Free Word Password Recovery Tools

2012-08-29 13:33:26 / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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With the growing security consciousness of people and greater stress for remembering quantity of passwords, Word Password Recovery tools comes to help users to either recover or remove the security on Microsoft Word files which is preventing you from opening or changing files. In the market, there are too many such kinds of software among which a few freeware Word password recovery, remover, and cracker programs are somehow useful.

1.Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard

Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard is the beset free Word Password Recovery available right now if your goal is to recover word password to open the Word file. The program can't remove, unlock, or crack a Word edit restriction password. It uses a brute force recovery and dictionary attack if you have a dictionary file. It doesn't support the newer DOCX format used in Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. The biggest shortcoming is that the maximum password length that can be recovered is 8 characters.

2. GuaWord

GuaWord is a freeware Word password recovery that empowers you to recover document open password regardless of the length. It actually decrypts the password directly instead of attacking the file with endless character combinations. However, because of this never-fail strategy, it will take around 10 days on a fast computer to finish the recovery. It also can't work on the files with encryption higher than 40-bit or with passwords in French. Like Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard, it neither works with DOCX files nor cracks passwords for editing.

3. CrackIt!

Only with less options, CrackIt! makes the cracking process quite easy by selecting an alphabet. It doesn't support Microsoft Word 2007, 2010.

4. SmartKey Word Password Recovery

From the above list, it is not difficult for us to conclude that free Word Password Recovery tools may be useful if your password is not too long, or your Word version is not newer than Word 2000, or you don't require recovering password to modify. But how should you do if you meet the scenarios mentioned just now. Word Password Recovery can help you now. It is a premium program which can recover both Word document open password and modify password no matter how long and complex they are. It recovers Word password with brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack and dictionary attack types based on your specific conditions. What's more, it works well with Word 2003, 2007, 2010.

Welcome to try free trial SmartKey Word Password Recovery to have a test.

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