Use System Restore to Fix Windows 8 PC or Laptop

How to Use System Restore to Fix Windows 8 PC or Laptop

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If you're having problems with your PC, you can try to restore it. Restoring your PC is a way to rescue your PC by undoing recent system changes you've made. In this article you'll find everything you need to know on Windows 8 System Restore.

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Why System Restore Could Fix Windows Problems of Your PC or Laptop

Usually your computer stops working properly because of one of three issues:

  • 1. A change you have made - installing software or changing a critical setting - has caused something to go wrong.
  • 2. You have a malware infection, or something mechanical may have gone wrong (your storage is full, you don't have enough RAM or something has overheated and broken).
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What Can System Restore Do for Us

System Restore is a limited but brilliant tool - it won't delete a virus or mend a broken fan. But if the problem is a recent change made by your or software you installed, you can restore your PC to the state when it is not virus infected.

System Restore creates 'restore points' all the time. Every day, every time Windows updates itself, whenever you install new software, or whenever you manually choose to make one. As a result, it's a good idea to create a Restore Point if you are about to do something risky to your PC.

Restore points capture the settings of your system at a point you know it was working well. If something goes wrong you can slip back to that point, and everything should be okay. System Restore doesn't change your personal files, but it might remove recently installed applications and drivers.

System Restore must be enabled on every drive you are using, and you need around 300MB of disk space. It's enabled by default, however, so here's how to use System Restore in Windows 8.

How to Fix Your PC Using System Restore

During the restore process, you won't be able to use your PC for a few minutes.

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  • 1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. Then enter Recovery in the search box, tap or click Settings, and then tap or click Recovery.
    Tips: If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Search.
  • 2. Tap or click Open System Restore, and follow the prompts.

The restore will finish in a few minutes and restart your Windows system. Remember that you can choose different restore points, just like the picture at the beginning of this part shows.

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