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How to Switch to Account in Windows 8.1 and 8 Quickly and Easily

2013-04-25 18:50:32 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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Windows 8.1 and 8 introduced a new kind of account type to us: Microsoft account as an addition to the traditional local account. Now we can either add a new local account or Microsoft account in Windows 8.1 and 8.

In this article, to help you better understanding Windows 8.1/8 accounts, we will go through the two types of account: Microsoft account and local account in Windows 8.1/8 and how to switch to account in Windows 8.1/8 in detail.

The Recommended Features of Microsoft account in Windows 8.1/8

  • 1. Your computer is connected to the cloud when you sign in with a Microsoft account.
  • 2. Share photos, documents, and other files from SkyDrive (OneDrive), Facebook, and Flicker etc. without signing in to each one.
  • 3. Settings and contents are synced up with your Windows Live account enable you to get the updated content and settings when you login to your Windows 8.1/8 account from a different device.
  • 4. Sign in to apps and services using your Windows Live ID for authentication automatically.

    switch between users in Windows 8

The Recommended Features of Local account in Windows 8.1/8

  • 1. A local account enables you to access to your computer.
  • 2. A local account as administrator can have complete control over the PC, and change any settings and access all of the files and programs stored on the PC.
  • 3. A local account as standard users can use most software and change system settings that don't affect other users or the security of this PC.

    switch between Windows 8 accounts

How to Switch from Local Account to Microsoft Account?

  • Step 1: Press Windows + C to open the Charm bar and click "Change PC Settings" to open the "PC settings".

    switch to Microsoft account in Windows 8

  • Step 2: Click "Users" on the left pane, then click "Switch to a Microsoft account". Type your local account password and click "Next".

    switch to local user account in Windows 8

  • Step 3: Enter your LIVE ID or your Hotmail account. If you don't have one, click "Sign up for a new email address" to create one. After that enter the require information to set up a Microsoft account and click "Next".

    Switch from local account to Microsoft account

  • Step 4: Enter security verification info which will help you recover your password and keep your account more secure.

    Switch from Microsoft account to local account

  • Step 5: Click "finish" and now you are logged in with your Microsoft account.

How to Switch from Microsoft Account to Local Account?

  • Step 1: Open Charms Bar, and click "Settings charm", then "More PC setting".
  • Step 2: Click "Users" and then click "Switch to a local account".
  • Step 3: Enter the password (the same to the password for your email address), and click "Next".
  • Step 4: Enter your local account and password and now you are logged in with your local account.

Switch between Windows 8.1/8 accounts is easy following those steps above. In addition, for security reasons, you'd better create a password for your Windows 8 account. It is a recommended practice to protect your personal information but also has the potential risks of forgetting Windows 8 password. If you forgot Windows 8.1 and 8 password, you can turn to Windows password recovery, it will recover your Windows 8 password in minutes no matter how long or complicated it is.

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