Setup Windows 8 PIN Logon

Step by Step to Setup Windows 8 PIN Logon

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Windows 8 allows its users to log in via three password options: account password (Microsoft account and local account), picture password and PIN Logon. PIN logon is similar to PIN used in credit cards and enables user to logon Windows 8 with four digits.

The Remarkable Features of PIN Logon

  • 1. PIN logon is a fast and convenient way to log on Windows 8 as you just need to type in the last digit of PIN code.
  • 2. PIN logon is an effective safety protection measure. A PIN can contain any number and use 4 digits PIN can have a total of 10,000 combinations.
  • 3. An addition to Windows 8 account password and picture password. You can turn to PIN logon when forgot other passwords.

How to Setup Windows 8 PIN Logon?

If you haven't created Windows 8 PIN logon and would like to set a Windows 8 PIN logon, then the following passage will help you to setup Windows 8 PIN logon step by step.

Note: If you are on a Windows Domain, you cannot use a PIN to login to Windows 8.
  • Step 1: Call up Charm bar and select "Change PC settings" to open PC setting window.

    setup Windows 8 PIN logon

  • Step 2: Click "Users" and then click "Create a PIN" under the Sign-in options.

    create Windows 8 PIN logon

  • Step 3: Type your current password to confirm it.

    how to setup PIN login on Windows 8

  • Step 4: Enter your four digits PIN twice and click "Finish".

    log in Windows 8 with PIN code

Now your PIN Logon is set up successfully, next time when you login your PC, Windows 8 will require you to enter your PIN code by default.

How to Remove PIN Logon from Windows 8?

Any time you want to remove the PIN logon, you can go to PC settings screen and select users. Remove Windows 8 PIN by click the "Remove" button next to "Change PIN".

What to Do if Forgot Windows 8 PIN Logon?

If you forgot your PIN, you can click on the "Sign-in options" link and click on the key icon. Then you will be brought back to the traditional textual password prompt, you can use your user account password to logon Windows 8 instead. But what if forgot textual password, don't worry; take a use of SmartKey Windows password recovery software, it can reset your forgotten password instantly without any efforts.

As a new feature of Windows 8, it is really worth you setting up a Windows 8 PIN logon as an addition to the traditional accounts password and picture password especially for tablet users.

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