Regain Your PC's Administrator Right without Password

Regain Your PC's Administrator Right without Password

2013-06-14 03:42:08 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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Every Windows PC has at least one administrator-level account. Administrator account can allow you to install and uninstall programs, or change certain settings. Even if forgot or lost your Windows PC's password, you can use an account which has administrative privilege to break it since administrator account can create, change a password for any account.

I'll tell you a way to gain this access, but first, ask yourself if you really should be doing this. If it's unquestionably your computer and you've forgotten your password, you have every right acquire or change the password. But if it's a company computer and the IT department wants to keep full administrator control to itself, this is a good way to get fired. And if it's someone else's computer, it's a good way to get arrested.

Here recommends the free Trinity Rescue Kit for you to get the access. It hasn't been updated in two years, but it still works like a champ.

Some Warnings Are Blow

  • 1. Since it can change or remove the password, but not reveal the existing one, Trinity won't let you secretly gain control of the PC. The rightful administrator will find out that you've been tampering with it.
  • 2. If there are EFS-encrypted files in the administrator's libraries, these files will become inaccessible. Decryption will only be possible if someone backed up the credentials ahead of time.
  • 3. It will not work in Windows 8. It works in Windows 7, XP, Vista.
Note: Windows Password Recovery can work in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, etc. to reset administrator password or other user account password.

Use Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity downloads as an .iso file, which you can burn to a bootable CD or a USB drive.

Boot Trinity. From the initial menu, select Windows password resetting.

windows administrator password reset

At the next prompt, select Winpass with prompt for username first, then enter the login name for the administrator account.

reset windows administrator password

When you get to the User Edit Menu prompt, select the first option, Clear (blank) user password. That will allow you to boot into the administrator account without entering a password.

regain pc's administrator rights

After you finish the entire process, reboot Windows, log into the administrator account, and create a new password. Then try hard to remember it.

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