Microsoft Account in Windows 8

Things You Need to Know about Windows 8.1/8 Microsoft Account

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Since the official release at the end of October 2012, Windows 8 has been available to download for several months. Windows 8 represents the biggest change to Microsoft's operating system since the launch of Windows 95. Microsoft account is one of the changes of Windows 8 compared to the previous version of Microsoft OS.

If you have updated to Windows 8.1, you can refer to How to Add or Remove an Account in Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1.

Microsoft Account in Windows 8

What is a Windows 8 and 8.1 Microsoft account?

Windows 8 Microsoft account is the previous Windows Live ID, a new name for Microsoft's online account system. It is an email address and password you use to sign in to services like SkyDive, your Windows Phone, Xbox LIVE, or Outlook.

What is the Feature of Windows 8 and 8.1 Microsoft account?

As a new kind of Windows account, Microsoft account does have many recommended features.

  • 1. Lets you download apps from the Windows Store and run all the bundled apps in Windows 8.
  • 2. Link a Microsoft account with your social media accounts, automatically stocking your address book with your friends from Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.
  • 3. Personal settings are synced to any PC running Windows 8 that you sign in to, including your themes, language preferences, browser favorites, and apps.
  • 4. You can associate the most commonly used Windows settings to your user account. In this way, the saved settings are available when you sign in to your account on any Windows 8 PC. So your PC will be set up just the way you are used to.
  • 5. Easily reacquire your Metro style apps on multiple Windows 8 PCs. The app's settings and last-used state persist across all your Windows 8 PCs.
  • 6. When you sign in with a Microsoft account, your PC is connected to the cloud.

How to Sign in With Microsoft Account in Windows 8 and 8.1?

Use an exciting Microsoft account

Supposing you already have a Microsoft account and password as you are using Hotmail, Outlook, Live, Xbox Live, or Windows Messenger, sign in with Microsoft account is easy for you. Just type in that e-mail address and password at the screen shown and then click the Sign In button.

Sign up for a new Microsoft account

If you don't have a Microsoft account, you need to sign up for a Microsoft account first. Click the Sign Up for a Microsoft Account link and Microsoft takes you to a website where you can turn your existing e-mail address into a Microsoft account.

In addition, we need to notice that local account is still available in Windows 8. And you can easily switch between your Microsoft account and local account. So it is recommended to both have a Microsoft account and local account. Moreover, you need to exactly remember your account password to avoid being locked out of your PC. If unfortunately forgot Windows 8 password, you can turn to Windows Password Recovery, it can reset your lost password instantly.

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