How to Restore Files Using File History on Windows 8

How to Restore Files Using File History on Windows 8?

2013-08-27 18:00:25 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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File History is a backup application that continuously protects your personal files stored in Libraries, Desktop, Favorites, and Contacts folders. The program has been specifically designed to protect personal files only and therefore does not back up OS files or applications. The new feature is believed to be more powerful than Windows Backup and Restore found in Windows 7. When turned on, it periodically checks the file system for changed files and copies them to other location, if found.

Last time we have introduced how to create a Windows 8 backup files using File History. Actually, there are other File History features. For instance, "Restoring Files" feature lets you recover lost files in case something unusual occurs to your personal files, there come the instructions.

How to Restore Files Using File History on Windows 8?

Microsoft has made it very easy to restore files. The restore application makes it very easy to:

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  • A. Browse personal libraries, folders and files in a way very similar to Windows Explorer.
  • B. Search for specific versions using keywords, file names and date ranges.
  • C. Preview versions of a selected file.
  • D. Restore a file or a selection of files with one tap or a click of a mouse.

Here will show you the history-file.txt is the target file to restore.

  • Step 1: Open the Windows Explorer, from the Ribbon, click the "File History" button.

    restore files from file history on windows 8

    Note:The File History browser will open with 3 different versions of the "Desktop" folder, selected library, folder or an individual file. You can use the back and forward button at the bottom to navigate through the different versions.
  • Step 2: Navigate to a previous version until you find the file you are looking for.

    how to restore files using file history on windows 8

    Note:You can double-click the file preview its content before restoring.
  • Step 3: Then click the center blue button between the back and forward navigation buttons and the file will be restored and none of the other files will be affected.

    how to restore files from file history in windows 8

Then you have restored the file by using File History. As for other Windows tips for how to crack Windows 8 password, you can get the way out by using Windows Password Recovery.

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