How to Prepare PC to Be Sold

How to Prepare Windows PC to Be Sold

2014-04-29 11:38:12 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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How to prepare a Windows PC to to be sold? For this requirement, you must have many questions in mind, should I leave my software on it, do I lose my licence, can the buyer see my files even if I delete them all, is it OK to install some extras for the new owner?

In order to sell your old PC properly and safely, we have put together a list of four steps you need to take to make sure that your PC is ready for a second life of service. We also provide some essential answers to the frequent questions on how to sell your old PC. Check the detailed information about them now.

The 3 Steps You must Take Right Now

1. Run a Scan

It is critical to scan your old computer for malware, including viruses, spyware, and worms. You don't want to pass along security threats to the next owner. Viruses and spyware can also significantly slow the system down. Getting rid of them is not only playing it safe, it also gives the PC some pep.

2. Wipe your Disk

Don't leave personal and financial data, including credit card, bank account, and social security numbers, on your hard drive. Sensitive files that you've deleted still exist on the disk and are very easy to recover. It's critical that you render this data unreadable. Be sure to transfer or back up your data before you begin the wipe process.

3. Refresh/reinstall your Old System

Without any doubt, the potential buyers take the existed operating system on your old PC into consideration. Before selling your old Windows PC, it is highly suggested you install the new version of operating system it is running. What's the most important, keep the Windows Product Key well. You can normally find on a sticker at the bottom or back of the PC.

Note: Take Windows 8 for example, click here to learn how to clean install Windows 8.

Other Common Questions You may be Interested

  • 1. How much is my old computer worth? You can have a good way to determine a fair price for your computer on eBay's home page. Enter the manufacturer's name and model number in the Search field, and click the Search button. On the search results page, go to Refine Search, scroll down to Condition, and click Used. Then you can see what eBay buyers are asking for PCs like yours.
  • 2. What's the best way to market my PC? In most cases, a used computer isn't a big-ticket item. You'd like the cost of this computer to be a minimum. To cast a wider net, eBay is a good choice, although you'll have to pay seller fees and probably pack up and ship the computer.

This is the overall tutorial on how to sell an old Windows PC. If you still have other problems of your Windows computer, click here to know more about Windows Tips.

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