How to Get a New PC that Runs Windows 7 not Windows 8

How to Get a New PC that Runs Windows 7, not Windows 8

2014-02-12 09:36:14 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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how to get a new pc that runs windows 7 not windows 8

"How to get a new PC without Windows 8? I really like to have a Windows 7 preinstalled PC."

Buying a new PC today means moving to Windows 8 (Windows 8.1), right? Not necessarily. Although the big manufacturers such as Dell and HP have been pressed by Microsoft to shift their stock to Windows 8, some companies are still making use of the "downgrade rights" that allow them to offer you Windows 7 preinstalled, and not just a couple outdated models. Wanna know how to get a new PC that runs Windows 7, not Windows 8? Check the following tricks.

Trick 1: Get Windows 7 PCs in PC Maker's Overview Page

As for buying Windows 7 itself, that's a little trickier. Microsoft understandably no longer sells it through its own website. The major PC makers are in fact selling Windows 7 PCs. Many systems on their websites are customizable to ship with Windows 7 Professional. You can go to the overview page to Dell's website and Lenovo's website. On those overview pages, you'll see sorting options in the left column; check the Windows 7 option to see the available Windows 7 PCs.

Note that Dell has a nice array of Windows 7 PCs available while Lenovo's Windows 7 selection is pretty bad at its online store. It's a bunch of anemic, netbook-like Windows 7 Home models and a couple overprice midrange models.

Tips: If you forgot your Windows 7 login password on Dell or Lenovo unfortunately, try to find help by clicking here to learn how to reset Dell password and how to reset Lenovo password respectively.

Trick 2: Get Windows 7 PCs from Best Buy

You can get Windows 7 PCs from Best Buy, the only major consumer electronics store left in the United States to sell Windows PCs. The PCs on the Best Buy store shelves at store are mainly Windows 8 units, but you can order from a broad selection of Windows 7 PCs at the Best Buy website. As you drill down to Windows systems, you'll see the Windows 7 filter in the left column. Just remember to start online to get a decent selection of Windows 7 PCs at Best Buy; you'll see models from Acer, Asus, Gateway, HP, and Samsung.

Trick 3: Install Windows 7 on a Mac

Finally, you can always get a Mac and install Windows 7 on it. Macs tend to run Windows faster than equivalent PCs. Online sellers like still sell Windows 7 installation DVDs you can use to run Windows on a Mac. To be mentioned, this is the priciest way to get a Windows 7 PCs.

Choose whichever you like to get a Windows 7 PC, not a Windows 8. After getting a Windows 7 PC, remember to set a login password to improve its security. Keep the password firmly, or if you forget it unfortunately, turn to Windows Password Recovery to recover the forgotten one.

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