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5 Free Password Manager Software You Must Have

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You may be likely to set a password to access your email account, Windows login, an Excel document, or whatever other file, system or service. A free password manager can be excellent to avoid forgetting these passwords.

Note: A good password is always in need. Check this useful tip: How to Choose a Secure yet Easy-to-Remember Password?

Here will introduce five free password managers to you. Each of them does a great job of storing your passwords and won't set your back a single penny. With them, you won't forget your passwords anymore.


Password Gorilla

Password Gorilla belongs to Windows password manager software programs, which are Windows compatible, downloadable applications that you use to store login information, like usernames and passwords, to the various password protected areas in your life. Password Gorilla is fairy stripped down without many bells and whistles. It does one thing and does it well.

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Tip: If you forgot the Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP password, you have to turn to Windows Password Recovery for help, which can help you recover the lost password with only a few clicks. And then you can get back the access to your Windows OS.


KeePass offers quite a list of features for a single-minded application. It offers strong security, multiple user keys, a portable version, export/import in various formats, database transfer, password groups, secure clipboard handing, search and sort, a strong random password generator, and plug-ins. KeePass is included by Windows password manager software programs, too.

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KeePassX is a cross-paltform open source tool that rivals KeePass. It offers extensive management features and enables you to search in specific groups or in the complete database. You can access the KeePassX database using a password and/or a key file. KeePassX provides a customizable password generator and a password quality indicator.

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The free password manager software called Passpack is an online password manager that offers free and paid accounts. An online password manager is just that – a web-based/online service that you use to store your passwords and other login information. Constant availability is the obvious advantage of an online password manager. With an online password manager, you can access your passwords anywhere you happen to be that also has an Internet connection. Passpack has a unique feature -- the Passpack It! button -- which allows you one-click entry into many sites requiring authentication.

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Quick Password Manager

Quick Password Manager is a free password manager app, which is specially designed to store passwords and other login data right on your iPhone. Having all your passwords and other login information available in your pocket at all times is a big plus. This App makes no Internet connection and none of the other applications in iPhone can access your data. The features include: store passwords, store secure notes, password change history, password hint, Geneal App Lock password etc.

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According to your own requirements for the free password manager software programs, pick the suitable one for you.

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