Forgot Windows 8 Picture Password

What to do When Forgot Windows 8 Picture Password

2013-04-19 20:31:47 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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What is Windows 8 Picture Password?

Picture Password is a new security feature Microsoft adds to Windows 8. It is the supplement of the traditional text password. A picture password is comprised of two complimentary parts: a picture choosing from your picture collection and a set of gestures that you draw upon it.

What to do When Forgot Windows 8 Picture Password?

As a new way to log into computer, many people would like to create a picture password for their Windows 8. But what if you forgot Windows 8 Picture Password, no one can be sure that he or she will never forget their picture password. So what to do if you lost Windows 8 picture password.

Solution1: Log into Windows 8 with Text Password

You may not sure the exactly gestures order you did when you created your Windows 8 picture password. In this occasion you can simply switch to enter the traditional text password or PIN code to login to your computer.

Forgot Windows 8 Picture Password

After you login to your computer you can easily reset Windows 8 picture password with following steps.

  • Step 1: Press Windows + C and then go to Settings>Change PC settings.
  • Step 2: Click "Users" on the PC settings Windows and click "Change picture password" under Sign-in options.
  • Step 3: Type your current user account password and click "OK". Then click "Replay" to see your forgotten picture password or change a new picture password.

Solution 2: Use Windows 8 Password Recovery software

If you forgot the picture password but have the text password, you can easily recover Windows 8 picture password. But what if you forgot both of them? At this time, you can take use of Windows 8 password recovery to reset your text password first.

Following I will offer you a simple guide on how to reset Windows 8 password with Windows 8 password recovery software.

  • Step 1: Download and install Windows password recovery on an unlocked computer. Run the software after the installation.

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  • Step 2: Inset a CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive to create the Windows password reset CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive.

    reset Windows 8 picture password

  • Step 3: Insert password reset disk to your locked computer and reset your lost password on Windows 8. The whole process will be done within several minutes.

    lost Windows 8 picture password

After resetting your Windows 8 text password, you can easily login to your computer and reset the forgotten picture password.

How to Set Windows 8 Picture Password?

Additionally, picture Password may still be a new thing to most people, so below I will tell you how to set picture password in Windows 8.

  • Step 1: Click More PC SETTINGS ON Search and Setting panel. Then select Users.

    recover lost Windows 8 picture password

  • Step 2: Enter your local account or Windows Account password. Click "Choose picture" to select a picture from the picture folder of your local account.

    reset forgotten Windows 8 picture password

  • Step 3: Click "Use this picture" and draw three gestures and repeat to conform. You're your picture password is created successfully. (Three gestures are a combination of circles, straight lines and taps)

    recover forgotten picture password on Windows 8

After reading this article, I believe you get a clear idea about Windows 8 picture password. Now you can easily create picture password and reset lost Windows 8 picture password. If you unfortunately forgot both picture password and text password, just turn to Windows 8 password reset tool, it can instantly reset forgotten Windows 8 password for you.

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