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Forgot Desktop Password! What can I Do?

2013-05-24 11:30:21 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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Many people encounter the problem of forgetting desktop password. And many readers of mine have asked me the same question that how to reset desktop password in an efficient way. This article I will offer you the answers to you.

Q: I forgot desktop password Windows 7, now I am being locked out of desktop. What can I do? Can someone help me to reset desktop password please?

A: Can you offer some details? You forgot administrator password or user password on desktop? If you just forgot Windows user password, you can simply ask the administrator account to reset your user password.

Q: Thank you very much! Unfortunately, I forgot desktop administrator password and I am the only administrator of my desktop. Is there any way to enter my locked desktop?

A: Of course. You can enter your desktop in safe mode when forgot desktop password.

Firstly, press "Win+R" and type "msconfig" in the run box, click the enter button.

Secondly, switch over to the boot tab, check "Safe boot" on the System Configuration window.

Finally, you choose "Minimal"-normal safe mode, click "Ok" button and restart your computer. I hope it does help you.

Q: Thanks, but it just didn't work. It really frustrated me! Is there any other easy and effective ways to reset desktop password? Help! Help! Help!

A: Safe mode only works if you haven't changed the built-in admin password since the first time you install your Windows system. I think you have changed your built-in admin password. Now I am afraid you have to take a use of third party Windows password recovery software. It is the most common and effective way to recover desktop password when you forgot desktop login password.

You can simple operate it as following:

Initially, download Windows password recovery on an unlocked computer you can access to, and double click the ".exe" file to install it. Run the software after the installation.

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Secondly, inset a CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive to create the password drive.

 forgot password on desktop

Finally, use the password reset disk to reset Windows password on desktop. The whole process will be done within several minutes.

forgot desktop administrator password

In addition, Windows password recovery is not only for Windows 7, but also applies to forgot desktop password for Windows Vista and forgot desktop password for Windows 8 etc.

A: Thank you very much again. This time I reset my lost desktop password with ease. This is really a friend-to-use tool that 100% guarantee to recover Windows password in minutes no matter how long or complicated it is. And it is really easy to use and requires no technical knowledge.

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