Fix a Corrupted User Profile in Windows 8

How to Fix a Corrupted User Profile in Windows 8?

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What is a User Profile in Windows 8?

User profile is a record of user specific data and it defines the working environment of a user. The record includes system settings, network connections, display settings, application settings, customization and appearance setting etc. There can be many user profiles in a Windows system having different access permissions and users can change their working environment differently from the other users.

User profiles are very important when multiple users are sharing a computer or a network. A network administrator or system admin can define what files, applications and directories a user can access by assigning different permissions for different users.

Note: Most users may be confused about the different types of user accounts in Windows 8. Know the details of the differences between Microsoft account and Local account in Windows 8 here.

How to Fix a Corrupted User Profile in Windows 8?

If you tried to log on to Windows 8 and received an error message telling you that your user profile might be corrupted, you can try to repair it. You will need to create a new profile, and then copy the files from the existing profile to the new one.


Step 1: Creating a new user account in Windows 8

  • 1. Press Windows Key + Q to open the App Search pane and type "cmd".

    fix a corrupted user profile in windows 8

  • 2. Now, right-click on cmd.exe from the result and select "Run As Administrator".

    how to fix a corrupted user profile in windows 8

  • 3. User Account Control or UAC dialog box will appear, click on "Yes".
  • 4. Type "net user username password / add" and hit "Enter".

Step 2: Copying old files to newly created user profile

First uncheck Hide protected operating system files and Hide extensions for known file types from Control Panel > Folder View.

fix corrupt user profile in windows 8

  • 1. Go to

    C: \Users \ (Your-Corrupted-Profile-Name) \.
    C: can be different according to the drive, where you have installed Windows 8.

  • 2. Copy all files except three files:


    If you cannot find the last file then there will be two log file with .LOG1and .LOG2 extensions.

    how to fix corrupt user profile in windows 8

  • 3. Go to C: \ Users \ (New-User-Profile-name) \.
  • 4. Paste all those copied files here.

Thus you have learnt how to fix corrupt user profile in Windows 8 fully. Try to learn more information about Windows 8 tips to protect your Windows 8 computer.

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