Customize the Start Screen in Windows 8.1

How to Customize the New Start Screen in Windows 8.1?

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Need to customize Start screen in Windows 8.1? As you know, Windows 8.1 is dramatically changed compared to the previous versions of Windows. It includes better Start screen customization settings, including animated backgrounds, tile grouping and more tile sizes. You really can personalize the Start screen in Windows 8.1 according to your requirements.

Customizing the Theme, Background

How to change the colors of the Start screen?

  • 1. Move your mouse to the bottom-right of the screen to open the "Settings". Alternatively, you can open it by pressing Win key + C on your keyboard.

     customize the start screen in windows 8.1

  • 2. Choose the "Personalize" from the slide-out panel.

    customize windows 8.1 start screen

  • 3. Choose from a wide range of colors and you can select a color you desire to apply to your Start screen.

    how to customize start screen in windows 8.1

How to change the Lock screen background?

  • 1. Change the Lock screen background by going to the option "Change PC Settings" in "Settings".

    personalize windows 8.1 start screen

  • 2. Click the option of "Lock screen" and change the current image according to your preference.

    personalize start screen in windows 8.1

Tile Resizing and Grouping:

How to create group tiles?

Actually, tiles can be moved by dragging them. To create a new group, simply move the tiles away from others. You can create as many groups as you want. Then you can assign this group a name by right clicking on any of these tiles. In the upper corner a bar will appear where you have to type a name for this group.

How to resize the tiles?

Tiles can be resized to small, medium, wide, and large (if supported). You can resize multiple titles at once.

 customize windows 8.1 start screen

How to remove the tiles from Start screen?

You need to right click on the app you want to remove from the Start Screen. Some options will appear at the bottom of your screen. Look for the option "Unpin from Start" and click on it. It will remove your desired tile from the Start screen.

customize start screen in windows 8.1

After learning these tips for Windows 8.1, you will enjoy using Windows 8.1 much better. In addition, know more information about Windows 8.1 features here.

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