Create a Windows 8.1/8 User Account

Easy Way to Create a User Account in Windows 8.1/8

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Windows 8 and 8.1 has been available for install for quite a long time since its official release. If you have installed the latest Windows 8.1/8 on your computer or have paid attention to Windows 8.1/8, you will find that it is quite different from its predecessors. The first difference is the user accounts in Windows 8.1/8.

Windows 8 introduced a new kind of account type to us: Microsoft account as a new feature. In Windows 8, you can either create a Microsoft account or create a local user account. This may make some new users at loss when creating a user account in Windows 8. This article will offer you a detailed tutorial on how to create a Windows 8 user account (Microsoft account and local user account).

How to Create a Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1/8?

Windows 8.1/8 Microsoft account, a new name of a Windows Live ID, is an online account that you register with Microsoft allowing you synchronize some of your PC's settings between your computers and sign in to apps and services that use Windows Live ID for authentication automatically etc.

You can create a Windows 8 Microsoft Account easily with these steps below, Windows 8.1 included.

  • Step 1: Open the "PC settings window" and select "Users" on the left pane. Click "Add a user" on the right bottom.

    For Windows 8.1, Open PC Settings and click Settings, and then "Change PC settings."

    Tips: Don't miss the useful article: Top 6 Ways to Open PC Setting in Windows 8.1

    create a Windows 8 user account

  • Step 2: Enter your email address that you wish to use as Microsoft account at the prompted window. And click or tap "Next." After that enter the require information to set up a Microsoft account and click "Next".

    set up a Microsoft account

  • Step 3: Enter security verification info which will help you recover your password and keep your account more secure.

    create a Microsoft Account in Windows 8

  • Step 4: Enter you birth date, gender and the garbled characters in the Finish up window and click "Finish" to end the process.

    new account in Windows 8

How to Create a Local User Account in Windows 8.1/8?

The local user account in Windows 8 and 8.1 is the same as it in Windows 7/XP etc that gives you the access to the PC. Moreover, Windows 8 and 8.1 also supports a feature of "fast user switching" that users can switch in and out of Windows but leave their programs running.

You can create a Windows 8 Local User Account easily with these steps below.

  • Step 1: Open charm bar by pressing Windows + C, select Settings and then "Change PC settings".
  • Step 2: Select Users -> Add a user
  • Step 3: Click "Sign in without a Microsoft account" and then click Next.

    Sign in without a Microsoft account

  • Step 4: Click "Local account".

    Sign in without a Microsoft account

  • Step 5: Enter your user name, password and password hint for your local user account and click "Next".
    Note: The password hint is important to find your forgotten Windows 8.1 and 8 password. If you don't have password hint and forgot your password, you can turn to Windows password recovery, it can reset Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP password instantly with ease.

    create Windows 8 user account

  • Step 6: Click "Finish" and now your local user account has been created successfully.

    create a Windows 8 account

  • For Windows 8.1, make sure you are on the "How this Person will Sign Up" Screen, look for the like "Sign in without a Microsoft account." Then. hit"Local Account" tab. Then, finish the information in the "Add a User" window.

Now I believe you have a clear idea about the Windows 8.1/8 user accounts and how to create Microsoft account and local user account in Windows 8. In addition, if you unfortunately forgot Windows 8.1/8 password, just try Windows password reset tool freely.

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