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How to Change Windows 8.1 Login Password Whether It's Forgotten or Remembered

2014-03-18 12:12:17 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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"I feel like my Windows 8.1 had often been accessed by other people who also know the password. How can I change the password protected my Windows 8.1 computer?"

"I forgot my Windows 8.1 login password last week. Now I really need to change the forgotten Windows 8.1 password, what should I do?"

This article will show you the solution for these two situations described above respectively. If you remember the password, choose to change Windows 8.1 password on PC settings introduced in situation one; if you forgot your Windows 8.1 password, turn to Windows Password Recovery for help to change forgotten Windows 8.1 password.

Situation One: How to Change My Windows 8.1 Password on PC Settings?

Actually, changing your Windows 8.1 login password on a regular basis is a good idea to ensure your computer security. It used to be that users could just head to the Windows Control Panel and click on Users to update the password and other account information. But for Windows 8.1 computer, it's a little unobvious. Here's how to change Windows 8.1 login password when you remember it as below:

  • 1. Login to your computer and go to the Start screen by pressing the Windows key on your Windows 8.1 desktop.
  • 2. Click or tap on Settings.
  • 3. Click or tap Change PC Settings.

    change windows 8.1 password

  • 4. Click or tap Accounts in the menu on the left side of your screen.

    change windows 8.1 login password

  • 5. Click Sign-in Options, enter your curren password in the pop-up window so that your device can verify who you are. Then click Next.

    change windows 8.1 administrator password

  • 6. Once you've been allowed in and Windows has verified your old password, you'll need to enter the old password again. You'll also need to enter your new password twice. Then click Next.
  • 7. Click Finish to close.

Situation Two: How to Change Windows 8.1 Password without Knowing Original One?

The need of changing the password in Windows 8.1 can be driven by other reason – your login password is forgotten or lost and you are locked out of your PC. If in this situation, you can't change your original password in Control Panel or PC settings, the smartest choice is to apply a third party program to change forgotten Windows 8.1 password. Here we recommend Windows Password Recovery.

Windows Password Recovery enables you to change Windows 8.1 administrator password and other standard user account password. Moreover, it can fix the password forgetting issue in only a few minutes, no more prior skill required.

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  • 1. Download and install Windows Password Recovery tool on a Windows computer you can access. Then run the program after installation.
  • 2. Insert a CD/DVD/USB flash drive into the accessible computer to burn an .iso image on the media. Click "Burn" to create a password reset disk.

    change windows 8.1 password

  • 3. Pull out the Windows 8.1 password cracker USB or disk and insert it into the locked Windows 8.1 computer. Start to set BIOS to boot from the device.
  • 4. Then the target Windows system and user account you want to change and click "Reset".

    change windows 8.1 password without knowing original one

Either one you choose, you can change your Windows 8.1 login password successfully. Just figure out your own situation and get the right way to solve your problem.

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