Change Windows 7 HomeGroup Password

Windows 7: How to Change Your HomeGroup Password?

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What is HomeGroup Password?

A HomeGroup makes it easier to share files and printers on a home network. You can share pictures, music, videos, documents, and printers with other people in your homegroup. Other people can't change the files that you share, unless you give them permission to do so.

HomeGroup was first introduced on Windows 7. Now it can be used on Windows 8.1 and 8, too. Actually, you are available to join a homegroup instead of creating one. You can protect your homegroup with a password, which you can change at any time. And you'll always be able to choose what you share with the group.

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How to join HomeGroup in Windows 7?

HomeGroup becomes useful only when two or more computers belong to it. To add more Windows 7 PCs to a home group, follow the steps:

  • 1. Open the HomeGroup sharing window from inside Control Panel.
  • 2. Confirm the home group name listed is correct and click the "Join now" button.
  • 3. Select which resources (Pictures, Movies, Videos, Documents and Printers) on this PC are to be shared with the home group and click "Next".
  • 4. Enter the home group's password and click "Next" to complete the process, and click "Finish" to exit.

Computers can also be added to a home group during Windows 7 installation. If the PC is connected to the local network and the OS discovers a home group during install, the user is prompted whether to join that group.

How to View and Change your Windows 7 HomeGroup Password?

You set up your HomeGroup for sharing files on your network, but now you've forgotten the password. By going to the Control Panel, you can either view the current HomeGroup password or go ahead and change it.

  • 1. Click the "Windows Orb" (Start button).
  • 2. Select "Control Panel".
  • 3. Select "All Control Panel Items".

    change windows 7 homegroup password

  • 4. Select "HomeGroup".
  • 5. Go to the button of the window, to the "Other homegroup actions" section.

To view the HomeGroup password:

Click the "View or print the homegroup password" link.

view windows 7 homegroup password

Then your HomeGroup password will be displayed.

To change the HomeGroup password:

Click the "Change the password" link.

change homegroup password windows 7

Click the "Change the password" button if you are sure you want to do this.

windows 7 homegroup password change

Use the newly generated password, hit the refresh button for another one, or input your own. Make sure you have remembered the password this time.

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