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3 Efficient Ways to Break Forgotten, Lost Windows 8 Login Password

2013-11-07 11:25:01 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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"Forgot my Windows 8 login password and now be locked out. Can I break Windows password on Windows 8? If can, how?"

Even though the experience of Windows 8 is new and exciting, forgetting Windows 8 password is never any fun. Without the password, you will lose all the right to enter your Windows operating system. All of the files stored in the Windows 8 PC can't be accessed, unless you break Windows 8 logon password. So I will list 3 efficient ways for you to break the forgotten or lost Windows 8 password -- the best sofware Windows Password Recovery included. Check them now.

Way 1. Make Educated Guesses to Break Windows 8 Login Password

Here you can acquire how to break Windows 8 password without software as the following steps. Passwords are often created by the inspiration of places, people and things in the personal lives. First try to make educated guesses to break you forgotten Windows 8 password. Check if your password with following clues:

  • a favorite food?
  • your home or office address?
  • a frequently dialed telephone number?
  • something from your childhood?
  • a favorite number or set of numbers?
  • your name?
  • the name of a friend, family member, or pet?
  • a loved one's birthday?
  • a combination of any of the above?

If you fail to break your Windows 8 password with this method, keep reading.

Way 2. Use a Picture Password or PIN to Break Forgotten Windows 8 Password

Provided that you have set PIN logon or a picture password before you forgot your Windows 8 password, you can break Windows 8 administrator password or other user password with one of the two.

Follow the instruction: Restart your locked Windows 8 PC and in "Sign-in option", choose PIN logon or picture password to login. After you enter your PC, go to "Control Panel" and "Users" to change the forgotten Windows 8 text password.

Way 3. Use Software to Break Windows 8 Password – Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery is the best password recovery tool which can be used to break Windows 8 admin password and other account password with no limitation. No matter in which situation, you can choose the software to break Windows 8 forgotten password freely.

Here is the detailed tutorial to apply for Windows 8 password breaker software to break Windows 8 login password.

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  • Step 1. Download and run this software on the available computer.
  • Step 2. Burn Windows Password Recovery to a CD/DVD/USB flash drive. Click "Burn" to start burning a default ISO image file to it.

    break windows 8 password

    Note: You have two ways to burn Windows Password Recovery. Click here to learn the other one: Create a bootable CD/DVD to a new image.
  • Step 3. Insert the newly created device on your locked Windows 8 computer. Start to set BIOS to boot from the device.
  • Step 4. Select the Windows username and password you want to remove and click "Reset".

    break windows 8 login password

Thus choose the proper one for you to break your forgotten or lost Windows login password among these efficient ways. Of course, Windows Password Recovery is highly recommended for you for its high performance.

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