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How to Auto Login Windows 7 Password

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"How to auto login my Windows 7 computer? I forgot my Windows 7 login password now. I just want to set it to log automatically."

You may think that it can save some time to set Windows 7 to auto login to your user account when your computer is starting up. However, before making this decision, make sure your Windows 7 computer won't be accessed by others maliciously. Thus, follow the guide on how to solve your problem.

auto login windows 7

Part I: How to Auto Login Windows 7 Password on Start Menu

With auto login in Windows 7, you will not see the login Windows 7 interface as shown below anymore. Windows 7 will boot into the desktop of the selected user account instead.

Note: If you have more than one user account and the user account that you want to have Windows 7 log on to automatically at startup doesn't have a created password, then leave the password fields blank in step 6 below.

  • Step 1. Open the Start Menu, type "netplwiz" in the search box, and press Enter.
  • Step 2. In the "Advanced User Accounts" tab, uncheck the box next to "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer".
  • Step 3. Click on the "user account name", you want to have auto login Windows 7 user account at startup.
  • Step 4. Uncheck the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" box. Click "Apply".

    auto login in windows 7

  • Step 5. In the Password field, enter the selected user account's password twice. Click "OK".

    auto login windows 7 password

Warning: If your Windows 7 computer logs on automatically, other people can have the same access to your computer, even change your Windows 7 password. If your Windows 7 password is changed by others maliciously, you have to recover it first.

Part II: How to Auto Login in Windows 7 if the Password Has Been Changed?

Never to pose security risk on your Windows 7 password, even to set to Windows 7 auto login. Once other malicious people changed your Windows 7 password, you must change the password in Automatically Log On. However, in most cases, you don't know the new changed password and be locked out of your Windows 7 computer. Thus you need to crack the unknown Windows 7 password with Windows Password Recovery urgently. First free download this password recovery tool.

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  • Step 1. Install and run this software on an available PC.
  • Step 2. Burn a CD/DVD/USB flash drive. Click "Burn" to start burning a default ISO image file to it.

    auto login windows 7

    Note: You have two ways to burn Windows Password Recovery. Click here to learn the other one: Create a bootable CD/DVD to a new image.
  • Step 3. Insert the newly created device on your locked Windows 7 computer. Start to set BIOS to boot from the device.
  • Step 4. Select the Windows 7 username and password you want to crack and click "Reset".

    auto login windows 7

Make sure you are the only one user on your Windows 7 computer. Or you must think twice about setting to auto login in Windows 7 computer.

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