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How to Recover Your forgotten Windows Xp Administrator or Guest Account Password?

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What is the Windows XP Administrator Password?

Windows XP, the most popular versions of Windows, was widely installed by PC users. Do you remember after you installing your first copy of Windows XP, how long did it require you to realize that you didn't know the administrator password? I vaguely remembered that it was about a week before I needed to make some changes in the file system. It suddenly came to me to be logged on as an administrator, but I do not know the password of the administrator.

windows xp administrator password

Luckily, Windows XP (both Home and Professional versions) have a "hidden" administrator account which is autogenerate when install. This account usually doesn't show up on the logon screen and most people are totally unaware of its existence. Usually it is ok because we didn't need to user this account very often, only when we don't know the administrator password, need access to the Windows XP recovery console or boot into Windows XP safe mode, the default Windows XP administrator password would come in handy.

What is the Default Administrator Password in Windows XP?

Knowing the default password of Windows XP administrator account would be very useful.
1. Try to leave the password blank. Simply press Enter without typing anything.
The default Windows XP Administrator password is defined to blank during the initial Windows XP installation process.
2. Enter the password for your account. It often depend on how Windows XP has been installed on your computer and what part of XP is asking for an admin password, the main user account will also be configured with administrator privilege.

I Forgot my XP Administrator Password!

Windows XP User Accounts applet in the Control Panel functions is to create a password reset disk wizard. Using this wizard, a floppy disk or USB flash drive can be used to create a specific password reset disk for specific user account on a specific Windows XP computer. The password reset disk can only be used with the computer it was created on and it can also be reused to reset the account's password multiple times. However, you need to know the password of the account you want to create the reset disk for, and you must create the reset disk before you forget the administrator password.
Here is how to reset XP password with the XP password reset disk:
1. Insert the XP password reset disk to the computer.
2. Click the Use your password reset disk item on the XP logon screen to start the Password Reset Wizard. Click the Next button.
3. Follow the instructions to create a new password.
4. Logon with the new password.

I Didn't Create a Password Reset Disk!

OK, if you need to reset XP password and don't have a password rest disk, you won't be able to create a password reset disk anymore. Instead, there are several things you can try to get access to your windows. SmartKey Windows Password Reset software is your ticket. This password recovery tool not only works on Windows XP, but also on all releases of Windows NT/2000/Vista/ 7 and Windows Server 2003/2008. It works by booting from a CD/DVD or USB flash drive and reset the forgotten Windows XP administrator password.

Note: If you change the administrator password on a Windows XP or Windows Vista system with the Encrypted File System (EFS), all of the encrypted files will become inaccessible. The password for the Administrator account is used to create the EFS encryption key. Changing the Administrator account back to using the original password should restore access to the encrypted files, but I have never tried it.

If you only need to blank the Windows XP Administrator password, here are the basic steps:
1. Download and install SmartKey Windows Password Recovery software.
2. Burn the software to CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

windows xp administrator password

Note: You have two ways to burn Windows Password Recovery. Click here to learn the other one: Create a bootable CD/DVD to a new image. 3. Insert newly created CD/DVD and reboot your computer from the CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
4. Reset the forgotten Windows XP password, remove the CD/DVD or USB flash drive and then reboot the computer.

recover windows xp administrator password

Download Windows Password Recovery to instantly reset Windows password:

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Having the capability to reset Windows XP password and regain access to a locked computer can be a great time saver, but should only be tried by an IT professional. You may probably make things worse rather than better if you use sophisticated system or manipulation tools.

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