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Top 4 Ways to Reset Forgotten Windows 8.1 Password on Samsung Laptop

May. 06, 2014 11:45 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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Question: How to Reset Samsung Windows 8.1 Laptop Password?

"I have met the headache things that I had forgotten Windows 8.1 login password on my Samsung laptop. The login screen rejected my password. I was frustrated because there was very important data on my disk and I couldn't reinstall the OS."

If you are in the same situation as described above, try to keep reading this post, which will introduce the top 4 ways to reset Samsung Windows 8.1 password. The best Windows Password Recovery is included as well.

1. Reset Samsung Windows 8.1 Password from Safe Mode

Once if you forgot your Samsung Windows 8.1 user password, you can boot into Safe Mode and login with Administrator account and reset the user password. But if you are the only user of this locked Windows 8.1 computer, skip this way and keep reading.

  • Step 1. Boot your computer and immediately press on the F8 key repeatedly until your computer displays the boot menu.
  • Step 2. With the arrow keys, choose Safe Mode and press the Enter key.

    reset forgotten windows 8.1 password on samsung laptop
  • Step 3. On the Home screen, click on Administrator. If you have no home screen, type Administrator and leave the password field as blank.
  • Step 4. Click on the Start menu in the bottom left corner, go in the Control Panel, then in User Accounts you can reset any user password easily.

2. Samsung Windows 8.1 Password Reset with Password Reset Disk

It's really necessary and important to create a Windows 8.1 password reset disk when you start to use your Samsung laptop. It can help you reset Samsung Windows 8.1 laptop password easily and effectively. But most people can't realize that. If you have no reset disk created before, please go reading and get the best Windows Password Recovery.

  • Step 1. Insert the password reset disk into your locked Windows 8.1 computer.
  • Step 2. When you input the incorrect password in Windows logon screen, the "Reset Password" option will pop up, click it.
  • Step 3. Follow steps in "Password Reset Wizard" to reset forgotten Windows 8.1 password on Samsung laptop. Log on with the new created password.

    samsung windows 8.1 password reset

3. Use Windows Password Recovery Tool

Windows Password Recovery tool can be the best choice to reset Samsung password for Windows 8.1 laptop. It can reset Samsung administrator password in Windows 8.1 computer, other standard user account password included. No requirements are needed; just perform several clicks.

Walk through the instructions as below:

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  • Step 1. First free download Windows Password Recovery. Install and run it on any workable Windows computer.
  • Step 2. Choose a blank CD/DVD or USB drive and insert it to this computer. Specify the device and click "Burn" to start burning an ISO image file to your chosen media.

    reset samsung administrator password windows 8.1
  • Step 3. Choose the target Windows system and user account you want to reset and click "Reset".

    samsung windows 8.1 password reset

Then, the Samsung Windows 8.1 login password has been cracked successfully.

4. Reset Samsung 8.1 Microsoft Account Password

Unlike these 3 methods introduced above, this method is used to reset Samsung Windows 8.1 Microsoft account password. If you use Microsoft account password to protect your Windows 8.1 computer and you forgot it, you should break your Windows 8.1 admin password (That's Microsoft Account) online. Click here to check how to recover forgotten Microsoft account password.)

No matter for a forgotten local password or a Microsoft account password for Samsung laptop, you can choose a way to reset them with great ease.  For a local user, Windows Password Recovery is no doubt the best choice to reset the login Windows 8.1 password for Samsung.

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