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How to Reset Acer Aspire Laptop Login Password?

2011-01-27 17:37:46 / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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The all new Acer Aspire notebooks with enhanced design are not only the perfect, ultraportable but powerful, notebooks for advanced office and home entertainment users. The lightweight and eye-catching models feature the latest and state-of the-art processors are complemented by all of the latest hardware components available to ensure maximum power. As more and more users are using Acer Aspire notebooks, I've noticed that many people are facing the same problem: forgetting administrator passwords for Acer Aspire PCs. In this article, what I wrote below I believe will help those people to reset Acer Aspire password if they forgot it.

reset acer aspire password

Since Acer Aspire computers use Windows operating systems, resetting Acer Aspire password is actually to retrieve Windows password. OK, now please answer me the following 2 questions:
A: Is the password-forgotten account the only user account on your Acer Aspire notebook?
B: Are you using the Windows built-in Administrator account as your Acer Aspire notebook administrator account?

If your answer to A is yes, then I am afraid you cannot reset your forgotten Acer Aspire password with another user account on your notebook, then you have to find other feasible solutions such as using the Windows built-in administrator user account and a third party Windows password recovery tool etc. However, if your answer to B is yes too, then I am sorry to tell you that you are not able to reset your forgotten notebook password free, but you can pay for a professional Windows password recovery tool.
(Note: If you have the chance to reset Acer Aspire password with the Windows built-in administrator account, you can start your notebook and press "CTRL+ALT+DEL" twice at Windows login screen, then type Administrator in the username filed and leave the password filed blank to enter into your computer to change or remove the forgotten Acer Aspire password.)

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