Recover Word 2007 Password

How to Recover Lost or Forgotten Word 2007 Password

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Microsoft offers you chances to lock the Word documents you edit. It is appreciated by most of users for it can help them protect the privacy of the documents, especially when the documents are important and be related to their work. The only problem is as time goes by, you forgot Word 2007 password and couldn't figure out what the password is. You will be in a big mess if the file is vital to you. Fortunately, there is Word password recovery software available which can help you find lost password for Word 2007.

SmartKey Word Password Recovery is one of the best Microsoft Word password crack tool. It provides two methods to you to retrieve password. You can simply recover Word 2007 password and get access to Word document without any password, or you can crack the password with advanced algorithm which runs 5X faster than other password crack software with GPU acceleration. The article below tells you how to reset Word 2007 password step by step.

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Step 1. Import Password Protected Word 2007 Documents

Run Word 2007 Password Recovery which you have installed in your Windows computer. In the main interface, click "Open" to import password protected Word document.

remove password word 2007

Step 2. Select One Password Crack Mode to Recover Word 2007 Password

There are two password crack modes provided: 100% instant document decryption, recover the password. The first mode will help you remove password word 2007 in no time. The second one will guess all characters one by one and retrieve what the password is. It will take more time. In general, you are suggested you to choose the first mode.

word 2007 password recovery

Step 3. Decrypt Word 2007 Password

After selecting "100% instant document decryption" mode, you are asked to remove password with server. The server will help you remove password quickly without any private data exposed.

If you choose the second mode, please choose one attack menu and indentify the parameters of the menu, then click "Start" to begin password crack. The whole time depends on the length and complexity of the password. The longer and more complicated the password, the more time it will take.

recover word 2007 password

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