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How to Find Lost Excel 2010 Product Key

May. 24, 2013 10:47 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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recover excel 2010 product key It's common sense that we need the Product Key to activate Microsoft programs while installation. As far as I am concerned the best course of action is to purchase a "boxed" version at an electronics store. Then you will have the "key" and the program on CD or DVD for reinstall later. That saves a lot of hassle later. For instance, if your hard drive crashes or you get a bad virus and have to reinstall your operating system you may have trouble reinstalling MS Excel again.

Couldn't find Excel 2010 product key anywhere after reinstalling Windows? Maybe you could let Excel 2010 Product Recovery help you find the lost Excel 2010 product key.

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Steps to Recover Excel 2010 Product Key with Excel 2010 Product Key Recovery Tool

Excel 2010 Product Key Recovery is quite easy to use, as a result I just detail the steps to use this tool.

  • Download and install this program on your PC. This PC is also the one that has the Excel you want to find product key for.
  • When you see the program interface, press "Get Key".
  • You'll then be displaying a number of product key or serial number for Microsoft Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Check and view Excel 2010 product key you want and then you need to select a path to save the serial number on your computer.

To be added Excel 2010 Product Recovery is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc. Feel free to find excel 2010 serial number on any Windows OS with this tool.

Where is Excel 2010 Product Key Located

Where Excel 2010 product key (or activation key) is located depends largely on how you purchased the Excel 2010.

  • Purchased Excel from a retailer (on disc)
    The Product Key should be located inside the package on a label on the card opposite the disc holder on the left side of the case.
  • Purchased an Excel Product Key Card
    You could find Microsoft excel 2010 product key inside the package on a label on the left side of the case. If the Product Key is not inside the package, review the instructions in the package. You might be required to retrieve your Product Key from
  • Purchased and downloaded Excel online
    The Product Key should be on the confirmation page and/or in an e-mail message that was sent to you when you downloaded the software. If you do not have your confirmation message, go to
  • Purchased a new computer with Excel installed
    The manufacturer of your computer should have included either media or a Microsoft Product Identifier card in the box that has the Product Key. The Product Key is located on the Certificate of Authenticity.
  • My company installed Excel on my computer

If Excel was already installed on your computer supplied by your company or organization, contact your system administrator

On condition that none of these locations helps, using Excel 2010 product key finder to help may be the best option. Free download Excel 2010 Product Recovery to have a try!

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