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How to Password Protect and Encrypt Word 2013 Documents

2013-03-07 10:19:51 / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Password Protect MS Word 2013 files is a setting in MS Word 2013 (also in previous versions) that enables people to password protect Word 2013 documents so that others cannot open, view, and modify them. It is a simple and useful behavior to protect our important information and privacy.

However, most of us never use Password Protect Word 2013, some of us even don't know MS Word 2013 has this function. It is not necessary to password protect Microsoft Word 2013 documents when they need to be read or modified by others. But what if you are working on MS Word 2013 documents that are private?

Nowadays Word 2013 files are becoming more and more confidential especially those contain trade secrets and some personal information. It is necessary to strengthen our password protect awareness in Word 2013. Below I will tell you how to protect MS Word 2013 document?

How to Password Protect MS Word 2013 Document?

Since MS Word 2013 is still unfamiliar to most of us, I will show you how to password protect Word 2013 to open Word 2013 doc. step by step.

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  • Step1: Open your MS Word 2013 document that you need to protect.

  • Step 2: Click on "FILE" and turn to another interface. See "INFO" on this interface.

    password protect a Microsoft Word 2013 document

  • Step 3 Select "Protect Document" on the right side pane window.

    protect Word 2013 documents with password

  • Step 4: Click "Encrypt with Password" on the drop down menu to password protected Word 2013 document.

    MS Word 2013 password protection

  • Step 5: Enter your password on the pop-up dialogue window and click "OK" to end this procedure.

    encrypt Word 2013 document

Things always have both sides. There is a problem we cannot avoid when we password protect MS Word 2013 file that is forgetting the password. It is impossible to recover the password if you forget it unless using Word Password Recovery. If you happened to forget it, just try Word 2013 Password Remover.

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