Password Protect Windows XP

How to Password Protect Windows XP?

2010-08-08 15:35:29 / Posted by Michael Eric to XP
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Most Windows XP users do not have a habit to password protect Windows XP account, because they do not want to type the password for each logon or fear that they forgot Windows XP password. This is actually unsafe because anyone in your office or home unrestricted access to everything on your computer.

If so far your Windows XP has no password setup required when logging on, xp password protect is quite important and the process is very simple. Follow the step-to-step tutorial below to create a password to protect Windows XP logon account.

Here is how to password protect Windows XP Login


Step 1: Boot your computer, as your PC starts up, click on "Start" and then "Control Panel".


Step 2: Click on the "User Account" link.
Note:If you're viewing the Classic View of Control Panel, double-click on the "User Accounts" icon.
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Step 3: Pick a user account which you want to password protect, Click on that user name.
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Step 4: Click on "Create a password" link.
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Step 5: Type a new password you would like to use when login, and then type it again to confirm. Then click "Create Password".
Note: you can also type a password hint which can be seen on the login window, but make sure it is private because it will be visible to everyone who use this computer.
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Step 6: Now turn back to your User Accounts, you'll find the user account state is different, it certify you have succeed in password protecting your windows XP account, next time you must use this password to log on to your Windows XP system. If you type the incorrect password, you won't allow getting access to your windows.

Click To View Screenshots Of Succeed Password Protect Windwos XP Account


I highly recommend you create a Windows XP password reset disk, which will protect you from the consequences of forgetting your new Windows XP password.

If you want to reset a new Window XP password because you have forgotten the old one and can no longer get access to your system. Then you have use a Windows Password Recovery program to crack or reset the password. After performing windows password reset, you can then create a new Windows XP password through the instructions above.

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