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How to Password Protect MS Word 2007 document?

2010-01-21 04:43:24 / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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If your Word document contains sensitive information, it is necessary to be set with a special password. You can password protect Word 2007 document to keep them safe and secure from unauthorized access. This article covers how to set a password to a MS Word 2007 document so that a password is required to view or modify it.

How to Password Protect Word 2007 Containing Sensitive Information? (Want to know how to Password Protect Word 2010, read this article).


Step 1: Click the "Microsoft Office file Button", and then click "Save As". Save your document as a Word document or Word template.

password protect word 2007


Step 2: When "Save As" window pop up, Click "Tools", and then click "General Options".


Step 3: You can type a password in "Password to open" or "Password to modify" or both of them. Click "OK"

word password to open


Step 4: When Confirm Password prompted, retype your passwords to confirm them, and click "OK".

confirm word 2007 password


Step 5: Select a save location, type in a filename, and then Click "Save".

word 2007 password protected

That's all, how easy it is! Then the next time you open your Word 2007 document, you'll first be prompted to type the password to open the document. So, do not forget word password, or only Word Password Recovery can help you crack the password.

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