How to Recover Outlook Express Password

How to Perform Outlook Express Password Recovery?

June 14, 2013 07:53 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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"How to recover Outlook Express password instantly?"

It must be frustrating if you forgot Outlook Express password or came across outlook express password rejected. Thus, you definitely had no access to your email. With the help of Outlook Express Password Recovery tools, you can quickly and easily retrieve the passwords for Outlook Express identities, newsgroup and mail accounts within several seconds.

Below is how to change Outlook Express password.

Solution 1. Recover Lost Outlook Express Password with Outlook Express Password Recovery

Outlook Express Password Recovery is a powerful password recovery tool to recover server name, login and password for all mail accounts saved in Outlook Express, as well as passwords to "identities". It works with all versions of Outlook Express.

  • 1. Download the tool and install in on your PC.

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  • 2. Start the program and select "mail password" tab.

    recover outlook express lost password

  • 3. Click the "Start Recovery" button.

    forgot password for outlook express

Thus you have done the Outlook Express mail password recovery successfully. Also you can remove Outlook Express identities password in the same way---select "identities password" in Step 2.

Solution 2. Find Lost Outlook Express Password through Windows Command Prompt

You need to have administrative access to the computer to perform this operation, otherwise this process will fail. And it can only get Outlook Express email password recovery. Turn to Outlook Express Password Recovery if you are a standard user.

  • 1. Click "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories" and "Command Prompt".
  • 2. Type "oe6.exe -h -e "[email protected]" -p" into the command prompt, where "[email protected]" is the email address that you want to recover a password for.
  • 3. Press "Enter" and all of the stored information for the account is displayed in the Command Prompt window, including the password for the email account.

Added Info: Tips for Choosing an Outlook Express Password:

Security experts agree that "best practice theory" requires that a password:

  • 1. It is typed manually each and every time it is required;
  • 2. It is random;
  • 3. It is at the very least eight characters long, but fourteen or more is better;
  • 4. It contains a mix of upper and lowercase letters and at least one numeral or symbol (such as a punctuation mark);
  • 5. It is changed regularly and frequently.

Outlook Express Password Recovery is a powerful yet simple password utility that will help you to recover Outlook Express email password and remove Outlook Express identities password. This is the best tool for system administrators, security officers and all who have problems with the lost or forgotten passwords.

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