Open a Password Protected Word 2003 files

How to Open a Password Protected Word 2003 Document?

2010-01-24 12:32:27 / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Microsoft Word document offer password protection which allows you to protect your sensitive information containing in your Word file, then anyone who wish to access to your file should enter the correct alpha-numeric password firstly. If you cannot open a protected word document, it must be irritating, right? This article will show you three effective options to open password protected word.

open password protected word document

Method 1: Using VB.NET

The following code sample shows how to open a password protected word document using VB.NET
Dim objWord As Object
Dim strPassword as string = "PASSWORD"
objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
objWord.visible = False
objWord.application.WindowState = 2
objWord.application.DisplayAlerts = False
objWord.Documents.Open("YOUR DOCUMENT FULL PATH NAME", PasswordDocument:=strPassword )
Catch ex As Exception
Msgbox ("Cannot open word document" ,vbExclamation , "Password Protected")
End Try

Method 2: Obtain the password from the source

The following steps sample shows how to obtain the password from the source.

Step 1: Check with the word document source for the password.

Ask yourself where does the locked word 2003 document come from? Supposing it created by someone else, then ask the creator for the password. If your own are the word document source, you will need to locate the lost password.

Step 2: Verify the password with the source.

Make sure you have the right password on hand. Verify the password can save you time. The other reason to do so is that you never know they might have given you the wrong password in the first place.

Step 3: Enter the correct password.

Type in the correct password at the "Enter Password To Open File" dialog box. After you have entered the password, click the OK button.

Method 3: Using Word password cracker software

If so far you still didn't solve your problem, then you'll have to buy one of password-cracking software available for this purpose. So download the Word Password Recovery program. It comes with a trial version and follows the walk through. You only need to use the program to open the locked word document, choose the type of attacks for word document with strong encryption. Then the program will start and keep running until find out the lost word password for you to open.

Keep in mind that there nothing will miss as long as you use the corresponding password to open a password protected word document.

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