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How to Recover Your Lost, Forgotten Yahoo Messenger Password

Dec. 25, 2013 2:20 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Online Website
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Help! How to Recover Lost Yahoo Messenger Password?

"I forgot my Yahoo messenger password, please help me to recover it. I have a lot of important information in it"

"How to find my lost Yahoo messenger password?"

"How do I change my Yahoo Messenger password?"

Yahoo Messenger is nowadays one of the most popular communication services, where users can chat, send SMS messages to each other, have video conferences, and much more. Users are required to have a Yahoo ID, which also enables you to use other Yahoo services. Once if you forgot Yahoo Messenger Password, you will lose all of your old contracts and e-mails from that account.

There are three basic methods to regain access to a Yahoo Messenger account by Yahoo Messenger password reset, including the best Password Recovery tool.

Method 1: Recover Yahoo Messenger Password in Official Site

The easiest way to do Yahoo Messenger password recovery is to go to the Yahoo mail official site. But this requires you remember your security questions of your Yahoo mail.

Go through these steps:

  • Step 1. Choose "I forgot my password" and click "Next".

    recover yahoo messenger password

  • Step 2. Enter the Yahoo email address and type the alphanumeric characters. Click "Next".

    yahoo messenger password reset

  • Step 3. Enter data of birth, country of residence, and the postal code. This information should be the same as what was entered when the email address was created. Click "Next".

    recover yahoo messenger from registry

  • Step 4. If the prior information is correct, Yahoo will ask for a new password for the yahoo email address. Retype the password for confirmation.
  • Step 5. Log into the Yahoo mail account with the new password.

Method 2. Find Lost Yahoo Messenger Password from Saved Passwords on Web Browser

If you use Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser, you are allowed to save all the passwords on it, like Yahoo password, Facebook password etc. Once if you forgot these passwords, you can go to the setting of the web browser to view the stored password.

Go through the following steps to recover Yahoo Messenger saved password as below.

Just take Google Chrome as an example.

  • Step 1. Enter settings of your Chrome.
  • Step 2. Choose "Show Advanced Setting" in the bottom of the window.

    recover yahoo messenger password

  • Step 3. Under "Passwords and forms", click "Manage saved passwords".

    yahoo messenger password reset

  • Step 4. All the stored passwords in Chrome will be displayed. Select your Yahoo account and select "Show" in password tab.

Method 3. Recover Yahoo Messenger Password from a Third-Party Software

Yahoo Messenger password is as same as Yahoo email password. Both of them are for Yahoo account. Recovering Yahoo Messenger password with third-party software is no doubt the most satisfied and preferred method when forgetting Yahoo Messenger password. By applying for this method, you need Password Recovery tool. It can retrieve Yahoo Messenger password in only a few clicks as long as you have login Yahoo email with IE Explorer, Firefox. Here is the detailed tutorial for hacking Yahoo Messenger password with Password Recovery.

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  • Step 1. Install and run this Yahoo Messenger password cracker. Choose "Recover Email and Internet Browser Passwords".

    yahoo messenger password reset

  • Step 2. Choose to click on "Internet Password Recovery". After clicking "Start Recovery", several options will be displayed in the down-drop list, then click "Recover Firefox Password".

    recover yahoo messenger password

  • Step 3. Select your Yahoo Messenger account and do Yahoo Messenger password reset.

    yahoo messenger password reset

Keep these three methods for Yahoo Messenger password recovery. As for the Password Recovery tool, it can also hack forgotten Facebook password and other passwords like Gmail, MSN etc.

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