Delete Password History in Firefox

How to Delete Password History in Firefox

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"How to delete my password stored in Firefox?"

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser with features such as one-click bookmarking, tabbed browsing, easy customization and password management. Firefox allows you to save your password and login information for web services that requires you to provide a user name and password to sign in. This is exactly what we have introduced to you last time: how to secure saved passwords in Firefox. These passwords are saved and available to view and manage through Firefox's built-in Options panel. However, if the outdated username and password are included in the saved passwords and you really want to remove them, then how to delete saved password in Firefox?

Read the following part to learn how to delete remembered password in Firefox.

How to Delete Saved Password in Firefox?

Go through these detailed steps to achieve deleting password history in Firefox:

  • 1. Open Mozilla Firefox on your computer and click "Tools" in the Firefox menu. Select "Options" from the Tools menu to open the Mozilla Firefox Options panel.

    how to delete password history in firefox

  • 2. Select the "Security" tab from the top of the Options panel. The security tab holds options for viewing and configuring security settings and information for Mozilla Firefox.

     delete password history in firefox

  • 3. Click "Saved Passwords" under the "Passwords" heading on the security tab. If your settings are protected by a master password in Mozilla Firefox, you may be required to enter it to view your password information. If you unfortunately forget it, try Firefox Master Password Recovery to crack it and get access to all the saved passwords in Firefox.
  • 4. Click "Remove All" to delete all of the saved passwords contained in Mozilla Firefox. Select "Yes" to confirm the deletion. Choosing this option will remove all of your saved passwords and force Mozilla Firefox to forget any saved login information.

    how to delete saved password in firefox

Added Info: How to Delete Saved Password from IE and Chrome

Delete Saved Password in Internet Explorer

  • 1. Click the "Start" button. Type "Internet Options" in the search field and then press "Enter".

    delete saved password in firefox

  • 2. Select the "General" tab, and click the "Delete…" button located in the "Browsing History" area. This runs a "Delete Browsing History" dialog on the screen.

    how to delete remembered password in firefox

  • 3. Click to check the selection box next to "Passwords", and then click "Delete". This deletes your saved passwords automatically and closes the second dialog. Click "OK" on the "Internet Properties" dialog to close the Internet Options component.

Delete Saved Password in Google Chrome

  • 1. Open Chrome. Press and hold the "Ctrl", "Shift" and "Delete" keys simultaneously. This shortcut opens a "Clear Browsing Data" dialog.
  • 2. Click to select the "Clear Saved Passwords" box.

    how to delete remembered password in firefox

  • 3. Click the "Obliterate the Following…" drop-down menu, and select the "The Beginning of Time" option.
  • 4. Click "Clear Browsing Data", and then close Google Chrome.

Keep these tips on how to delete saved passwords on your browsers. Try to use it safely and efficiently.

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