Office 365 for Education

What is Office 365 for Education?

Jul. 31, 2013 10:46 am / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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Office 365 for education enables users to provide free email, websites, online document editing and storage, and IM and video conferencing to deliver great learning experiences.

Now educators can use the best productivity tools they know to better engage students in learning. And teachers and students can author, collaborate and share in real-time with instant messaging, voice over IP, email, calendaring, and video across multiple devices (including non-Windows operating systems). This is something that Google and other providers can not offer. Office 365 for education is a cloud-based suite that includes Microsoft Office Web Apps, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online.

Prestigious universities like Cornell University, Dartmouth College and Gonzaga University, and top K-12 school districts in Fresno, San Diego, and Nashville are taking Office 365 for education. 

Features of Office 365 for Education

1. Enterprise capabilities at no cost

This service for education customers is for free. Schools and parents alike will have peace of mind knowing students' content and personal data are protected and won't be scanned for advertising purposes, thanks to a rich set of privacy, security and protection capabilities that adhere to federal laws.

"After extensive research, we chose Office 365 for education because it allows us to leverage the benefits of cloud-based services while readily meeting our security and accessibility requirements for email and calendar support. The shift to the cloud allows us to focus more directly on our core missions related to education, research and outreach," said Ted Dodds, chief information officer, Cornell University.

2. No more pain or inconsistency

 For years we have heard so many customers complain about how Google Docs would convert and drop Microsoft Word and Excel formatting. Students and teachers suffered through this because they wanted real-time collaboration on a free platform. Now, with Office Web Apps, documents can be shared online without losing formatting, saving tons of time.

3. Prepare students for the workforce.

We all know the importance of 21st century skills. Office 365 enables anytime, anywhere learning experiences and real-time collaboration, teaching students critical software skills necessary for future job success. With Microsoft Office noted as the leading productivity software used by businesses worldwide. Just do a job search to see how many jobs require writing skills using Word, analytical skills using Excel, and presentation skills using PowerPoint. Learning these skills early can provide a leg up.

We will get to see a comprehensive demonstration of the benefits that Office 365 for education can bring to school. We also believe the widespread use of Office apps. Comparing with Office 365 for education, Office 2013, 2010 may be used much more. For more information about Office version, click here to see differences between Office 365 and Office 2013.
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