Sync Sky Drive Pro with Desktop

How to Sync SkyDrive Pro with Your Desktop

June 21, 2013 4:40 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Office Tricks
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"How to sync SkyDrive Pro with my desktop"?

SkyDrive Pro, Microsoft's online cloud storage service, is the core of everything in Office 365: it's a user's personal storage locker for important documents and files they need to access from multiple PCs; it's their way of sharing and collaborating on files with friends and family through the various Office applications; and it will quickly become their default save location in Office applications.

skydrive pro

Microsoft defines SkyDrive Pro as "your professional library", since you can keep your documents and files synced and stored in the cloud by using SharePoint Online and SharePoint server from your company.

With SkyDrive Pro syncing with all your files in Microsoft are in the "Library". And you can get books from the library by logging into Office 365.

Instructions on Setting Up SkyDrive Pro Syncing with Your PC

You can use SkyDrive Pro to sync files from your PC to the cloud for easier access. Before doing the sync, make sure that you have installed a version of Office 365 which includes Office 2013. This will guarantee your access to SharePoint Pro.

  • 1. Launch SkyDrive Pro on your desktop. You'll then get a popup window asking which Library you would like to sync. Don't enter anything unless you're provided with IP address from IT professionals.

    set up skydrive pro sync

  • 2. Open Office 365's Web portal on your browser and then click on "SkyDrive".
  • 3. Click the "SYNC" button in the top-right of the Office 365 window in your browser.
  • 4. Select the library you want to sync with your desktop and click "Sync Now"

Now the folder is created on your local machine's folder directory. That folder is actually a mapped drive of a SharePoint document library. You can copy-paste different files and then they will be synced with SharePoint.

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