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How to Efficiently Unlock Office Password if You Lost?

2013-01-25 17:13:36 / Posted by Michael Eric to MS Office
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It is wise for you to setup a username with a password to regulate unwanted access to your confidential data. However, in our professional or personal life, there are too many passwords to remember, such as online bank password, website log password, or anything like those. Therefore, it is not strange that most of us are likely to forget the passwords. This security measure becomes more of a hindrance than a help if we accidently lost our work presentations or school thesis word document. That would be a stressful situation, but it doesn't have to be a difficult situation if you find a way to unlock Office password.

In this article we would like to present you the detailed information on how we can do if we need to unlock Office password .

Part I: The Password Attack Types

Brute Force Attack consists of trying every possible code, combination, or password until you find the right one. Therefore, it will take you a long time to recover Office password if the password is too long or too complex.

Brute-force with Mask Attack: To save the recovery time and increase success rate, this method sets parameters to exact the range of searching password, such as the length of the password, the shape of the password and other clues.

The Dictionary Attack feature: It is the most commonly used one, so you should try it first. The feature makes use of every word that is in the dictionary. This method is usually effective, unless you have chosen a very tricky password.

Part II: How to Unlock Office Password

Offices Password Unlocker is specifically designed for Office users to recover lost or forgotten password. Its easy-to-use yet powerful functions are widely praised by users around the whole world. Well, just follow the easy directions to learn how to retrieve your lost Office documents.


Step 1: Simply download Office Password Recovery, double click the .exe File and follow the wizard to install it.


Step 2: Launch it and enter the main interface of this program. Click on "Open" to load the Office document.


Step 3: Choose "Recover the password" and click "Next". You can take Part I for reference to specify the proper attack type.


Step 4: Define recovery settings, and hit "Start".


Step 5: A window with your current password display. Click "remove all passwords from file" and then click "OK".

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