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Top 3 Ways to Reset Lenovo Password If Forgot Lenovo Password

Apr. 07, 2013 5:27 pm / Posted by Michael Eric to Windows Tips
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What is Lenovo Windows Password?

Lenovo administrator & user password is a string of characters that used to prevent others' physically or virtually access to computer and protect your confidential and sensitive information on your Lenovo laptop. It is the first defense line of your computer.

How to Create Strong Windows Password for your Lenovo?

Lenovo password plays an important role in protecting your information, so it must be strong enough. A strong Lenovo Windows password is a mixture of uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers and symbols and at least eight characters long. It doesn't contain personal information such as the user name, real name, company name or a complete word which can be easily guessed by others.

How to Reset Windows Password If Forgot Lenovo Password?

The biggest disadvantage of creating strong Windows password for your Lenovo laptop is that sometimes we ourselves forgot Lenovo laptop password. We have to reset Lenovo laptop password before regain our access to our computer. There are several ways to remove Windows password from Lenovo laptop recommends by people.

1. Use administrator password or user account reset disk

If you happen to set a Windows password reset disk before you forgot administrator password in Lenovo (or user password), then it's time to use it. You only need to insert the password reset disk to your Lenovo laptop and operate as the prompts.

2. Reset ThinkPad or IdeaPad password with Windows password recovery

Unfortunately, you don't have a Windows password reset disk but forgot your Lenovo laptop password. In this occasion, you have to recover Windows password for Lenovo by virtue of the third party software Windows password recovery. It can reset lost password Lenovo ThinkPad (also apply to other Lenovo models.). Following is a simple tutorial on how to use Windows password Recovery.

  • Step 1: Download Windows password Recovery from the Internet and install it on an unlocked computer.

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  • Step 2: Insert a CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive to the unlocked computer to create the password reset disk.

    reset Windows password IdeaPad

  • Step 3: Insert the newly-created password reset disk into your locked computer and reset forgot password from Lenovo following the prompts.

    lost Windows 7 administrator password on ThinkPad

After talked so much about Windows administrator password, I believe that you already got an idea about how to set strong password for your Lenovo laptop and how to remove lost password for Lenovo Windows 7/8/XP/Vista in an easiest way.

The popular Lenovo models Windows password recovery supports:

ThinkPad T Series ThinkPad X Series ThinkPad X Series Convertible
ThinkPad Edge Series ThinkPad Twist Series ThinkPad L Series
ThinkPad W Series IdeaPad Y Series IdeaPad Yoga Series
IdeaPad U Series IdeaPad S Series IdeaPad Z Series

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